Mobile for the masses: gestures and test deployments

My second article in IBM developerWorks’ series Mobile for the Masses is out! This article covers how to go about designing a mobile interface from the standpoint of usability via gestures. In essence, eschew buttons and prefer the swipe! What’s more, I cover at a high level how to test your app on an Android device.

As the article summary states:

Mobile users are typically distracted, busy, and ergonomically constrained, so build your mobile application UIs accordingly. Andrew Glover discusses key factors that differentiate mobile apps from web apps, then guides you through the creation of a mobile application UI that uses swipe gestures for navigation rather than button clicks.

So what are you waiting for? Check out ”Mobile for the masses: Take a swipe at it! Programming gestures in Android” and trade buttons for swipes in your Android mobile apps! And if you missed the first article, check out ”Mobile for the masses: A gentle introduction to Android” and learn the ins and outs of Android development!

Stay tuned for more articles in this series and don’t forget to watch for mobile focused articles on this blog as well.

This story, "Mobile for the masses: gestures and test deployments" was originally published by JavaWorld.


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