Mobile for the Masses: Activities and icons in your Android application lifecycle

My third article in IBM developerWorks’ series Mobile for the Masses is now out! This hip article covers the lifecycle events associated with Activity classes and then shows you how to implement menus and/or activity bars (for newer devices) along with associating icons for an app itself and its corresponding activity items.

As the article summary states:

The Activity class is the workhorse of an Android mobile app, and it’s also where you can fine-tune your app’s interactions with both the user and the mobile device. Get things working exactly the way you want them in your app’s lifecycle, then use icons and action bars to guide users through UI navigation and other app features.

Check out ”Mobile for the masses: Activities and icons in your Android application lifecycle” and add navigation with style to your Android mobile apps! If you missed the first article, check out ”Mobile for the masses: A gentle introduction to Android”; what’s more, don’t forget to read my second article, entitled ”Mobile for the masses: Take a swipe at it! Programming gestures in Android”.

Stay tuned for more articles in this series and don’t forget to watch for mobile focused articles on this blog as well.

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