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Tori Wieldt posted yesterday that Java Magazine is Coming! According to Tori's post, this digital magazine will "contain articles direct from Java engineers at Oracle as well as the Java community at large." The post also lists general topics that will be covered:

  • Java News
  • Java in Action
  • New to Java
  • Enterprise Java
  • Polyglot Programming
  • Rich Client/Web Development
  • Mobile/Embedded Development

It appears that, like Oracle Magazine, each issue of Java Magazine will cover two months. Indeed, the inclusion of "Java application stories" (falls under category of "Java in Action") and the other categories listed above implies that the layout is much the same as Oracle Magazine, but with a Java focus. The inaugural edition is advertised for July 2011.

The announcement for the free (but requires registration) digital subscription is also available in Bob Rhubart's blog post New Java Magazine.

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