Java Product News (updated December 27, 2004)

NetBeans 4.0 now supports J2SE 5.0; JSQLConnect achieves Sun J2EE 1.4 certification; and more

NetBeans 4.0 now supports J2SE 5.0

Sun Microsystems and the NetBeans community have updated the open source NetBeans IDE. Version 4.0 includes support for the J2SE 5.0 language features, with a project system based entirely on Apache Ant. In addition, NetBeans 4.0 includes a new Java technology performance profiler, refactoring capabilities, and mobile development support.

JSQLConnect achieves Sun J2EE 1.4 certification

JNetDirect has announced that JSQLConnect has been certified as J2EE 1.4 compliant by Sun Microsystems. JSQLConnect, a native type 4 Java Database Connectivity driver, is a tool for accessing Microsoft SQL Server products from Java, JavaServer Pages, or J2EE applications.

Cape Clear Software updates ESB

Cape Clear Software has released Cape Clear 6, the latest release of its enterprise service bus (ESB). Version 6 includes a native Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) 1.1 engine; an Eclipse-based graphical environment for creating business processes using BPEL; a graphical environment for monitoring and controlling deployed business flows; support for WS-ReliableMessaging; and more.

dtSearch 6.4 now available

dtSearch has updated its suite of tools for text search and retrieval. Products in dtSearch 6.4 include dtSearch Desktop with Spider, for searching popular file types on a PC; dtSearch Network with Spider, for searching across a network; dtSearch Web with Spider, for publishing searchable content to a Website; dtSearch Publish, for publishing a searchable document collection to CD or DVD, or mirroring an existing Website on CD or DVD; and dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine, which supports Java and includes new API enhancements.

Manning publishes SWT/JFace tutorial

In SWT/JFace in Action, authors Matthew Scarpino, Stephen Holder, Stanford Ng, and Laurent Mihalkovic cover the details and theory of the Simple Widget Toolkit/JFace development tools. An included sample application guides readers through each component included in SWT and JFace and teaches how to develop Eclipse-based GUIs for their applications.

Servertec introduces Servertec Jenie

Servertec Jenie is a collection of Java classes and supporting native libraries that allows developers to directly access native libraries without using Java Native Interface (JNI) or writing C/C++ code.

CodeFutures updates FireStorm/DAO

CodeFutures has issued a new version of its Java code generation tool, FireStorm/DAO. The updated tool adds support for Mac OS X and Linux and for databases Sybase, Ingres, and MS Access; includes a full installer; and features improved JavaServer Pages, Struts, and J2EE code generation.

Fortify Software releases Source Code Analysis Suite 3.0

Fortify Software has released a new set of source code analysis tools that automate the identification, prioritization, and resolution of flaws in software applications. The new tools include Fortify Audit Workbench, which reports and prioritizes vulnerabilities, and Fortify Rules Builder, which lets security and development professionals create custom rules for checking security flaws.

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