CouchDB is so Groovy

Without a doubt, the burst of innovation occurring in the open source world over the last few years has led to an increase in developer productivity, baby. Freely available tools, frameworks, and solutions address once-common time sinks. Apache’s CouchDB is no exception. It’s amazingly easy to get going with CouchDB once you have it up and running. And all you need to work with it is an HTTP connection; no JDBC driver is required, nor do you need a third-party administrative-management platform.

In this article published by IBM DeveloperWorks entitled “REST up with CouchDB and Groovy’s RESTClient“, you’ll meet CouchDB and see how you can rapidly get up to speed with using it. For ease of installation, you’ll take advantage of Amazon’s EC2 platform and you’ll RESTfully communicate with CouchDB via a handy Groovy module dubbed HttpBuilder. If you ask me, it can’t get any cooler, man!

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