Java Product News (updated April 25, 2005)

IBM unveils self-managing autonomic technology; Versant proposes O/R mapping project for Eclipse; and more

IBM unveils self-managing autonomic technology

IBM has released two new technologies, the Policy Management for Autonomic Computing (PMAC) and the IBM Touchpoint Simulator, which will help developers automate business processes and embed self-managing autonomic features into applications. With PMAC embedded within an application, an "autonomic manager" tool makes decisions based on policies, or business rules, created by the developer. The IBM Touchpoint Simulator connects computing resources, like servers or databases, with autonomic management applications.

Versant proposes O/R mapping project for Eclipse

Versant has proposed to lead an object-relational mapping project in the Eclipse community. With this project, Versant hopes to provide a 100 percent compliant implementation of Java Specification Request 220 (Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0) and JSR 243 (Java Data Objects 2.0) integrated with the Eclipse platform.

Caphyon updates installer tool

Caphyon has released Advanced Installer For Java 2.6, a Windows Installer authoring tool with built-in support for Java applications. The tool provides Windows integration for Java applications, ensuring a small footprint, and providing a native launcher for Java applications.

Public review draft available for the Java Stream Assembly API

Sun has published the public review draft for Java Specification Request 158, the Java Stream Assembly API. JSR 158 will support real-time assembling of audio, video, and generic data streams, providing a unified vendor-neutral interface for creating and modifying multiplexed real-time media streams. Sun has also proposed a new JSR, the Design-Time API for JavaBeans (JBDT). JSR 273 will extend the JavaBeans specification and APIs to improve design-time functionality for use within IDEs. In addition, JSR 181, Web Services MetaData for Java, has cleared the final approval ballot. This specification intends to provide a simplified model for Web services development.

Azul Systems introduces compute appliance

The Azul Compute Appliance is a network attached compute appliance for virtual machine-based applications. Multiple Azul appliances can form compute pools that allow tens to hundreds of applications to share a common managed resource. These appliances eliminate capacity planning at the application level, reduce the number of servers required to build out a data center, and simplify management.

SmartControl now available from Snijder Micro Systems

The SmartControl product line is a family of network-enabled HMI computers with color LCD displays and touch screens, integrated with a range of I/O and interfacing options. The SmartControl SC-210/211 is all-in-one Java-based embedded computer based on a high performance 32-bit ARM processor with up to 64 MB of SDRAM and up to 256 MB of flash for storage of application code and data.

LogicLibrary updates Logiscan

LogicLibrary has released Logiscan 2.0 (formerly BugScan) a software analysis product for scanning and eliminating bugs before software deployment. Logiscan scans J2EE binaries and offers integration with the Eclipse IDE.

DataMirror joins Eclipse Foundation

In addition to becoming a member of the open source Eclipse Foundation, DataMirror has announced the inclusion of an Eclipse IDE plug-in for DataMirror PointBase 5.2, DataMirror's Java database. The Eclipse IDE plug-in enables Java developers to write and test both Java Database Connectivity and SQL code within the Eclipse IDE.

Plumtree Analytics Server assesses portal activity

Plumtree Software has released the Plumtree Analytics Server, a product that delivers real-time reporting on portal activity and content usage. The server assesses how portal applications and information are being used across the enterprise.

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