JavaOne 2006 Product News (May 29, 2006)

Introscope 7 now shipping, Backbase unveils its AJAX Java Edition, and more

Introscope 7 now shipping

Computer Associates' Wily Technology division has released Introscope 7, the company's solution for monitoring and optimizing the performance of business-critical Web applications. Version 7 includes a new architecture designed to help manage large and complex Web application deployments, intelligent automation, and visibility into transactions and business processes for problem resolution.

Backbase unveils its AJAX Java Edition

Backbase has introduced a tool for creating Ajax-based Web UIs for Java applications. Based on JavaServer Faces, Backbase AJAX Java Edition can be integrated with any type of Java technology.[1]

Motorola announces initiative to unify mobile Java

Motorola has agreed to open source its Java test framework and sample test cases, and will develop the reference implementation and compliance tests for Motorola-lead JSRs such as the Mobile Information Device Profiles (MIDP) 3.0 specification. The company has also launched two new Web resources aimed at sharing source code, original open source projects, and new ideas and information with open source developers; and Motodev, an integrated developer program combining Motorola-wide resources, tools, and technical support to enable developer success, foster a strong community for innovation, and extend the company's Seamless Mobility vision.

Alfresco 1.3 now available

Alfresco Software has released version 1.3 of its enterprise content management solution. Alfresco 1.3 includes new features and functions designed to simplify development of new applications in areas such as Web content management and records compliance.

Eclipse introduces plug-in resource

The Eclipse Foundation has launched a community portal, Eclipse Plug-in Central (EPIC), to promote the adoption of Eclipse-based commercial products, complementary open source projects, and Eclipse-related training, support, and services. Previously, EPIC was operated by Genuitec, Innoopract, and Instantiations; the three companies have contributed the existing EPIC site to the Eclipse Foundation and will remain actively involved in its development and evolution.

Canoo updates UltraLightClient

Canoo Engineering has released version 6.1 of UltraLightClient, a Java library for rich Internet application development. This most recent release includes an enhanced extension API designed to ease the development of UltraLightClient extensions and an extendable encoding/decoding mechanism to marshal arbitrary objects between client and server.

AccuRev and JetBrains partner to improve Java developer productivity

AccuRev has agreed to integrate its software configuration management (SCM) solution with JetBrain's integration developer tool, IntelliJ IDEA. Developers using the integrated tools can leverage AccuRev SCM and issue tracking.

Tarari hopes to improve XML application efficiency with RAX J

Tarari has announced Random Access XML for Java (RAX J), its new API that runs on top of Tarari's family of silicon-based content processors. RAX J is designed to optimize DOM (Document Object Model) and SAX (Simple API for XML) processing stacks in enterprise applications, thereby improving XML application efficiency.

Terracotta updates JVM with clustering capabilities

Terracotta has announced that its Terracotta 2.0 clusters at the JVM level instead of the application level. The company says its JVM eliminates performance tuning from the development lifecycle.

Nexaweb introduces jRex

jRex, a server-agnostic XML UI engine, is now available from Nexaweb. The tool allows developers to create enterprise-based rich Internet applications (RIAs) with any middle-tier technology. The company also launched a Website for the RIA developer community, the Nexaweb DevCenter:

Borland lays out three-year plan for JBuilder

The Developer Tools Group of Borland Software Corporation has announced details around a three-year product roadmap for JBuilder, its integrated development environment. The roadmap includes an update to JBuilder 2006 and a new underlying framework based on Eclipse in JBuilder 2007 (called Peloton). Future capabilities for the product line include new team collaboration and developer productivity features, support for new Java standards and emerging open source tools and frameworks, and enhanced support for service-oriented architecture (SOA).


Lattix announces support for NetBeans

Lattix has joined the NetBeans Partner program and is also introducing Lattix LDM for NetBeans. This new NetBeans plug-in allows NetBeans users to use lightweight dependency models (LDM) to formalize, communicate, and control the architecture of NetBeans projects.

Gemstone launches GemFire DBA

GemFire Database Accelerator (DBA), a new tool from GemStone Systems, is designed to increase the performance and scalability of enterprise Java environments. According to the company, GemFire DBA eliminates data bottlenecks associated with databases or any JDBC-compliant data source, reducing data latency, and improving database performance with no modification to the application code.

Infragistics readies NetAdvantage for JSF

Infragistics has announced the upcoming availability of NetAdvantage for JSF. This codebase will include the use of an Ajax framework, an existing UIElement framework, and built-in design templates. The initial release, NetAdvantage for JSF 2006 Volume 1, is scheduled for July 10, 2006.

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