Apache Foundation promotes development framework Bloodhound

Apache's Bloodhound collaboration tool has graduated to top-level project status

The Apache Foundation announced Tuesday that the software development and project management framework Bloodhound is now an official top-level project, having graduated from the organization's product incubator.

Bloodhound is a highly flexible, open-source tool for collaborating on software development projects. Essentially a fork of the widely used Trac (a Web front-end for several popular versioning systems including Subversion and Git), Bloodhound adds multiple project hosting and an improved user interface, the foundation said.

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Bloodhound's Vice President Gary Martin said in a statement that the project owes a lot to Trac.

"When Bloodhound entered the incubator it was a completely new project, though being built on top of the Trac framework has given it a strong foundation. Community growth and self-governing to the standards of a top-level project within The Apache Foundation has given the team invaluable experience," he said.

According to 451 group analyst Jay Lyman, Bloodhound's maturation is a positive sign.

"The elevation of Bloodhound to a top-level project at Apache is indicative of a healthy and vital software community," he said in an email. "I think the growth and ecosystem around collaborative development software such as Bloodhound also highlights greater influence of software developers, more teamwork among developers and IT operations or devops and also the use of many different tools, frameworks and other technologies in developing and deploying software today, also known as polyglot programming."

Bloodhound became a part of the incubator in December 2011, after it was submitted by WANDisco, a big data software company that has been an active supporter of the Apache Foundation in the past.

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