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Visual Studio Code introduces floating editor windows

Visual Studio Code 1.84 allows you to move editors or editor groups out of the main window into their own windows.

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Meta releases open-source tools for AI safety

The Purple Llama project aims to help developers build generative AI models responsibly.

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Why your cloud database performance sucks

I’m having ‘Sixth Sense’ moments when I see dead databases walking. With GenAI poised to eat your data for lunch, it’s time to fix performance problems.


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JDK 22: The new features in Java 22

Due in March, the next version of standard Java will have 12 features including previews of scoped values, structured concurrency, stream gatherers, and the ability to execute multi-file programs.

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Microsoft’s Semantic Kernel is ready to pop

Now available in a release candidate, a simpler and easier Semantic Kernel SDK now automates function calling with OpenAI.

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Microsoft Copilot AI to flex more muscle

Microsoft Copilot soon will be able to generate responses using the OpenAI GPT-4 Turbo model, which will enable users to tackle more complex and longer-running tasks.

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The best new features in Microsoft .NET 8

From dynamic memory limits to faster collection classes, .NET 8 is packed with new features for building more performant, scalable, and secure applications.

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Accelerating cloud native development in Microsoft Azure

From GPU support to reference implementations, the latest updates to Azure Container Apps combine Microsoft’s commitment to developer productivity with its latest AI development tools.

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The best new features in Angular 17: A kinder, faster Angular

Featuring a slew of enhancements, Angular 17 makes it harder than ever to pick a front-runner among JavaScript frameworks.

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5 great new features in Django 5

More async support, easier form fields, and easier ways to handle form choices are all coming to the new Django.


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When to use abstract classes vs. interfaces in Java

Abstract classes and interfaces in Java serve fundamentally different purposes. Learn the differences between these Java language elements and how to use them in your programs.

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Django 5.0 simplifies templates for form field rendering

Field group templates in Django 5.0 make it easier and more concise to render form field elements such as labels, widgets, help text, and errors.

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AI Alliance, led by IBM and Meta, to promote open standards and take on AWS, Microsoft, and Nvidia

Reminiscent of the recurring battle between open source and proprietary ecosystems, the AI Alliance includes about 50 members and is expected to help IBM, Meta and AMD challenge the largest players in generative AI.

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Can cloud computing be truly federated?

With the rising costs of the cloud and the availability of connected computing and storage resources, we could see colossal cloud brands that don’t own data centers.

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Don’t make Apache Kafka be your database

Event-driven architectures are wonderful. But Kafka was never intended to be a database, and using it as a database won’t solve your problem.