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NPM adds Workspaces for managing multiple packages

Workspaces support in the NPM CLI allow you to manage multiple packages from within a single top-level root package

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How to use IHttpClientFactory in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of IHttpClientFactory to create HttpClient instances seamlessly and avoid having to manage their lifetimes manually

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How to make the most of the AWS free tier

10 tips for stretching Amazon’s free services to the limit and keeping your cloud bill near zero.


From AI to cloud-native – is your organisation future-ready?

3 unexpected predictions for cloud computing next year

It's clear that cloud computing will continue to grow, but here are three less-obvious aspects to keep on your radar.

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What’s new in Angular 11

Highlights of the planned upgrade to the Google-developed web framework include stricter types and router performance improvements

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JDK 16: What’s coming in Java 16

Due March 2021, the next Java upgrade targets a new metaspace memory allocator, support for C++ 14 language features in JDK source code, and a vector API

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How to use Java generics to avoid ClassCastExceptions

Learn how Java’s support for generics helps you develop more robust code

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5 things CIOs want from app developers

Balance the trade-offs between innovation and reliability by keeping code stable, delighting users, and avoiding tech for tech’s sake.

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What’s new in Microsoft .NET 5

Aimed at unifying the .NET platform, .NET 5 brings improvements to RyuJIT code quality, garbage collection, and JSON serialization, for starters

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BizOps Manifesto urges business-tech alignment

Coalition sets down 14 guiding principles to ensure that digital transformation projects meet business objectives


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Getting started with Azure SQL Edge

Microsoft scaled down its flagship database, squeezing it into 500MB and running it on edge hardware.

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Why financial services is turning to devops

Highly regulated financial services firms are turning to devops in droves, as they look to be more responsive to changing customer demands while keeping their compliance teams happy.

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A foolproof way to understand cloud optimization

Once your cloud architecture works, it’s time to optimize it for efficiency and cost. An audit will reveal how much value it adds to the business.

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Android Studio improves machine learning support

Android Studio 4.1 highlights include a database inspector and easier import of TensorFlow Lite models into Android apps

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How to mandate agility in software development, operations, and data science

Spoiler alert! The honest answer is that you can’t mandate agility, but you can achieve it through consensus by focusing on the benefits