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Ruby 3 previews parallel execution

Major Ruby update introduces an experimental feature called Ractor that promises thread-safe parallel execution

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Rapid UI development with Flutter for Windows

Google’s cross-platform user interface tool arrives on Windows with support for Win32 and UWP

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2 egregious cloud security threats the CSA missed

The latest Cloud Security Alliance report highlights the ‘Egregious 11’ cloud security threats. Here are a couple more to consider


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Azure Databricks previews parallelized Photon query engine

Microsoft and Databricks say the vectorized query engine written in C++ accelerates Apache Spark workloads by up to 20x

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The year of PostgreSQL is every year

Completely community-driven, with no centralized ownership, Postgres has been the elephant in the room for more than 30 years

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7 low-code platforms developers should know

Low-code platforms for enterprise developers integrate with the devops toolchain to speed the delivery of applications, modernizations, automations, and more

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How to manage user secrets in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of user secrets management in ASP.NET Core to prevent the sharing of sensitive application data in your projects

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When AIops tools outsmart you

AIops is leading us to the operational promised land for cloud computing, but we have to be smart enough to know how to follow

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JDK 16: What’s coming in Java 16

Due March 2021, the next Java upgrade targets a new metaspace memory allocator, support for C++ 14 language features in JDK source code, and a vector API

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Apple’s Swift language comes to Windows

More work remains to be done in the porting effort, but Windows support is now good enough for early adopters to get started


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5 ways agile devops teams can support IT service desks

Regarding the end-user support staff as stakeholders with their own insights and needs creates better deployments for everyone

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Report: Developers have been more productive during Covid-19

A survey of hundreds of developers across 26 countries suggests that software developers are more productive working remotely

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Does Snowflake mean the end of open source?

The cloud-based enterprise data platform may mark the end of a decades-long run in the dominance of open source infrastructure

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14 open source tools to make the most of machine learning

Tap the predictive power of machine learning with these diverse, easy-to-implement libraries and frameworks

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How MariaDB achieves global scale with Xpand

A new MariaDB storage engine provides distributed SQL and massive scalability with a shared nothing architecture, fully distributed ACID transactions, and strong consistency