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The new edge in edge computing

The Linux Foundation says networking, edge computing will overtake cloud computing by 2025. Why? And, exactly what will this new edge-based computing world look like?

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The community hat rules the company hat in open source

For kube-state-metrics maintainer and Red Hat employee Lili Cosic, what Red Hat wants from the project is beside the point

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How to use attribute routing in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of attribute-based routing in ASP.NET Core to decouple the controller and action names from the route template and allow more flexibility in your routing


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When hybrid multicloud has technical advantages

Just deploy your new application, microservice, or machine learning model to the public cloud? Well, maybe not so fast

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ECMA proposal would bring records and tuples to JavaScript

A technical committee has proposed adding new deeply immutable value types to the ECMAScript standard

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COVID-19 leads to shocking cloud computing bills

With the rapid expansion of public cloud services to support a newly remote workforce, many enterprises are looking to cut some costs

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GitHub roadmap reveals feature plans and timelines

Code scanning and Codespaces are coming soon, workflow, collaboration, and security improvements later

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JDK 16 begins to take shape

Not due until March 2021, next Java upgrade kicks off with support for C++ 14 language features in JDK source code and HotSpot VM

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Java’s move to GitHub set for September

JDK 16 sources are due to arrive on the popular code-sharing site before the September 15 GA of JDK 15

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7 superb Python books for every skill level

Whether you’re a beginner, a moderately skilled dev, or an expert, there’s a book in this lineup to expand your Python programming powers


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Kotlin 1.4 reaches release candidate stage

IDE accommodations, Node.js API bindings among highlights in lead-up to production release

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Python rises in RedMonk language rankings

Python trails only JavaScript while Java slips to third in the RedMonk rankings, its lowest-ever placement

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Migrating to cloud native requires seeing shades of gray

We’ve been pushing cloud native in terms of refactoring applications that are moving to the cloud, but the reality is not black and white

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Introducing Microsoft’s Dataflex low-code data platform

The latest member of the Power Platform family of tools brings business data into Teams collaborations


What is CaaS? Simpler container management

Containers-as-a-service platforms make it easier for developers to deploy Docker containers and assemble them into applications, most often enlisting Kubernetes for the job