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JetBrains adds to Aqua testing IDE

Added support for Playwright and Cypress improves testing and debugging.

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Microsoft launches GPT-enabled Azure AI for US government agencies

For government customers, Microsoft has developed a new architecture that enables government agencies to securely access the large language models in the commercial environment from Azure Government.

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Composition vs. inheritance in OOP and C#

Understand the key concepts behind composition and inheritance that allow you to build reusable and flexible types in your .NET applications.


DevOps DevSecOps Security Pipeline

7 key features for Kubernetes and container security

Uptycs combines threat detection for Kubernetes and container runtimes, along with automated registry scanning and Kubernetes hardening checks. Here are the highlights.

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DataStax, Google partner to bring vector search to NoSQL AstraDB

The two companies are also partnering to launch an open source project, CassIO, aimed at making Apache Cassandra more compatible with AI and large language model workloads.

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Apple SwiftData framework manages app data

The platform allows developers to add persistence and concurrency capabilities to apps.

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Automating CI/CD with GitHub Actions

Automating and streamlining the software development lifecycle through continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is a cornerstone of software development today. One of the easiest tools for CI/CD is GitHub Actions, a...

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A first look at the Mojo language

Mojo aims to be as easy to use as Python, but as powerful and fast as Rust. Here's a first look at Python's newest challenger.

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How AI-based search assistant Glean Chat is built to boost productivity

Glean Chat, a generative AI application that builds on the Palo Alto-based startup’s knowledge graph and enterprise search, can connect to enterprise applications to provide conversational search experience, along with notes about...

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Snowflake’s Government and Education Data Cloud focuses on security, data tools

The industry-specific data cloud is designed to help government entities meet security and compliance standards.


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Latest Apple Xcode IDE improves code completion

Builds are faster, and the tool platform also supports Apple's new Vision Pro device.

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What's missing in your cloud optimization projects

The cool kids are into cloud optimization these days, saving money and making deployments much more efficient. Here are a few trends you should know.

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Tools for the enterprise: Inside the CTO's toolbox

Five CTOs share their insights on the most strategic areas of enterprise tools development and innovation today.

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TypeScript 5.1 production release arrives

TypeScript upgrade soothes pain points with easier implicit returns for undefined-returning functions and greater type flexibility for getters and setters.

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Serverless is the future of PostgreSQL

To differentiate the many flavors of PostgreSQL, the few truly serverless offerings promise better engineering and faster development.