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BigQuery Omni will query data across Google, AWS, and Azure clouds

Google Cloud is previewing a BigQuery service that promises to eliminate painful and costly data movement by querying the data in place

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What is GitOps? Extending devops to Kubernetes and beyond

GitOps applies the same techniques to deploying infrastructure as devops and CI/CD use to deploy applications

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The end of the line for PHP on Windows

Microsoft will no longer build new releases of PHP for Windows. What does the Windows Web application development future look like?


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The state of services in the cloud for 2020

We’ve learned to take services for granted, but they are actually more important than most cloud architects think

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8 great libraries for C++ programming

C++ developers look to these libraries for help building Windows apps, mobile apps, machine learning and scientific apps, and more

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Microsoft ports open source Java to Windows 10 on ARM

Initial changes by Microsoft’s Java Engineering Group and Red Hat will be upstreamed to the OpenJDK project

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What’s new in Microsoft Visual Studio Code 1.47

Microsoft updates Visual Studio Code monthly. Keep track of the latest new features and improvements in this changelog

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What is Google’s Open Usage Commons — and why?

Google’s new foundation provides trademark protection to open source projects, starting with Istio, Angular, and Gerrit. Not everyone is pleased

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How to use route data tokens in ASP.NET Core

Take advantage of data tokens in ASP.NET Core to attach additional information to a route and retrieve it programmatically when needed

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How to choose a data analytics platform

A brief guide to the analytics lifecycle, the expanding array of tools and technologies, and selecting the right data platform for your needs


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Cloudops tools: More is not better

Cloudops and cloudops tools (such as AIops) are important, but you can have too much of a good thing

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Linus Torvalds longs for Apple’s ARM-based Mac

Linux founder looks forward to a powerful ARM desktop system that will ease ARM software development

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Social engineering hacks weaken cybersecurity during the pandemic

Disinformation, malware, and an array of cyberattacks are rising as fast as case counts

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TypeScript 4.0 brings performance boosts

Forthcoming version improves build speeds and startup times and brings editing and coding enhancements

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What is JPMS? Introducing the Java Platform Module System

The module system introduced in Java 9 makes it easier to organize your code. Here’s a brief guide to working with modules in Java