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CNCF launches ethics in open source training course

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation has developed a new certification for developers looking to better incorporate ethical-first thinking into their open source software design.

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Top technologists have job options: 5 tips for retention

IT leaders suggest getting to know each employee personally and customizing opportunities for flexibility, growth, and wellness.

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More money for open source security won’t work

Funding pledged to secure open source software is an important start, but creative hackers and a proliferation of targets mean there are no guarantees.


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Review: YugabyteDB does PostgreSQL proud

YugabyteDB 2.13 is a highly scalable, distributed version of PostgreSQL that combines compelling ideas from Google Cloud Spanner and Amazon Aurora—and serves as a Cassandra-compatible database too.

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Microsoft .NET 7 Preview 4 brings Regex improvements, cache metrics

Fourth preview of the forthcoming .NET upgrade adds span support to the Regex library and hit and miss stats for IMemoryCache.

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JDK 19: The features targeted for Java 19

Virtual threads, pattern matching for switch expressions, a vector API, and a Linux/RISC-V port are slated for Java 19, a non-LTS release of standard Java due in September.

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Cloudflare to take on AWS, Azure, Google with D1 distributed database

Cloudflare claims that its new serverless database will reduce data transfer fees and latency for developers when compared to rival databases from AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Oracle.

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What is JDBC? Introduction to Java Database Connectivity

Get an overview of JDBC's architecture, then learn how to connect to a database and handle SQL queries and responses with PreparedStatements, transactions, connection pooling, and more.

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How to build changeable cloud solutions

The agility and speed to market that cloud computing offers don't just happen. Systems need to be architected to easily accommodate change.

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TypeScript 4.7 adds ESM support in Node.js

Now available in a release candidate, the latest version of Microsoft’s strongly typed JavaScript introduces support for ECMAScript modules in Node.js.


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Jetpack Compose 1.2 packs text improvements

Google toolkit for building native Android UIs toolkit enables more precise text alignment with font padding, introduces downloadable fonts API.

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Google Flutter 3 backs macOS, Linux

Framework for building mobile, web, and desktop applications from a shared codebase adds stable support for two key platforms.

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How to compress and decompress strings in C#

Take advantage of the GZip and Brotli compression methods to reduce the size of string data and improve performance in your .NET Core applications.

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9 questions you should ask about your cloud security

Businesses often lack critical insights into the security of their cloud environment. Here are nine questions business leaders need to ask—and cloud security teams need to answer.

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Intro to Micronaut: A cloud-native Java framework

Micronaut offers ahead-of-time compilation, reactive NIO, and cloud-native support for microservices and serverless development. Could it be your next Java framework?