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GARTNER REPORT | 2014 Gartner MarketScope for IVR Systems and Enterprise Voice Portals

Cloud, omni-channel and mobility are revitalizing the interactive voice response (IVR) market. Leading vendors are focused on these trends by enhancing voice portals and the customer self-service experience, as well as providing analytics that help IT leaders optimize IVR investments.This report discusses...

GARTNER REPORT | Capabilities for Contact Center Infrastructure

Contact center infrastructures are best deployed as multichannel suites, high-volume call centers or integrated components of CRM solutions. IT planners should evaluate multichannel software suites, unless they're constrained by their legacy environments to use best-of-breed solutions.

Overcome ICD-10 Migration Hurdles

ICD-10 migration projects can make even the Y2K projects of the 90s look small. As the October 2015 deadline looms, the stakes are high as IT teams fight delays and cost overruns. See why 40% of the top healthcare payers in the US use Delphix to improve their time-to-market and implement ICD-10.

Infographic: Five Agile Data Imperatives for Healthcare Payer CIOs

Healthcare reform is transforming the US health insurance sector, creating a dynamic and competitive new market with compelling opportunities for growth. Does your IT organization have what it takes to capitalize on these opportunities? Here are 5 ways technology investment delivers the agility you need -...

Reinventing Data Masking: Secure Data Across Application Landscapes

Most data masking products can create masked data copies but not distribute or update them, resulting in projects that fail to live up to expectations. Learn why Delphix's Agile Masking solution is the only product that solves both masked data creation and delivery challenges.

Western Union Implements Enterprise Data Hub on its Path to Deliver an Omni-channel Customer Experience

For an implementation of its size, Western Union anticipated going from "zero to Hadoop" in about a year. Exceeding expectations, "We had our first production-ready Cloudera system up within just five months," commented Saraf. "We were actually leveraging it for some of our...

Ovum White paper: Big Data must become a first class citizen in the enterprise

The most direct path to making Big Data and Hadoop a first-class citizen will be through an "embrace and extend" approach that not only maps to existing skill sets, data center policies and practices, and business use cases, but also extends them.

Omneo's Enterprise Data Hub Helps Manufacturers Save Millions

Omneo, a Division of Camstar Systems, has built a supply chain cloud solution that runs on an enterprise data hub (EDH) from Cloudera. Omneo's EDH provides electronic device manufacturers with a holistic, comprehensive, and interactive solution that helps them resolve supply chain issues before they...

The Business Value of an Enterprise Data Hub

Centralizing and bringing compute to all your data enables new information-driven business competencies that were previously too expensive or complex for most enterprises. A data hub delivers advanced capabilities- synchronous customer models based on social networks and offline behaviors, truly real-time...

2014 - NGFW - NSS Labs Breach Detection

It seems every vendor is marketing a solution to challenges posed by Advanced Persistent Threats and Targeted Attacks as Data Breaches stemming from sophisticated cyber threats routinely making the news. Sandboxing, payload analysis, emulation- "fire" this and "fire" that whatever you...

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