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IDG MarketPulse Research Paper: Lighting Up Dark Data CIO Research Paper

A recent survey of business and technology leaders reveals that, on average, just 28 percent of organizational data is stored because it has clear business value. Ominously referred to as dark data, those information assets grow and soak up resources without returning any business value. Until enterprises...

Dealing with the Complexities of Application-centric Data Management

Data management used to be a fairly straightforward proposition. The relationship between IT and the business, however, has changed. Protecting, recovering and managing the business critical data in applications is posing new challenges for IT. Learn more from this UBM Tech study about what IT...

5 Steps to Application-Aware Data Protection

Many IT organizations have had the same data protection tools and practices for years, even decades, and see no need for that to change. But Application Owners need to know that they'll be able to recover their data at the application level when disaster strikes, and yesterday's solutions are...

The Business Case for Integrating ERPs

Many companies have disparate business systems. Their data is in silo's and isn't accessible. In a perfect world all of these systems would be integrated, sharing data with the different teams that need it to do their jobs efficiently.

10 Best Practices for Integrating Data

Data integration is often underestimated and poorly implemented, taking significant time and resources. Yet, it continues to grow in strategic importance to the business, as customer data and touch points grow with the emergence of cloud, social and mobile technologies. Download your copy today.

No Time to Wait: The Imperative of Agile Data Integration

Customer information can vary between different business units and regions in businesses and they don't typically fit neatly into one enterprise application. Download the No Time to Wait whitepaper and discover how integration offers a simple means to get critical data to the right person, quickly and...

Learn How the LA Angels Hit a Home Run for End-users

When the LA Angels baseball team replaced their legacy outdated CRM, they took a phased approach to prioritizing key data consolidation initiatives. Download the LA Angel's Case Study today to learn how two way data integrations improved their productivity and customer satisfaction.

Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF) Reveals Stranded Capacity and Data Center Cost Savings

The average computer room today has cooling capacity that is nearly four times the IT heat load. Using data from 45 sites reviewed by Upsite Technologies, this white paper will show how you can calculate, benchmark, interpret, and benefit from a simple and practical metric called the Cooling Capacity Factor...

Infographic: Is Your IT Infrastructure Keeping Up?

True Converged infrastructure can cut datacenter costs in half. It's just one of the compelling reasons IT organizations are adopting converged infrastructures at a rapid pace. Discover many other quantifiable benefits in this new Infographic.

Case Study: VCE Forms Foundation for New Cloud Service Provider

To rapidly acquire new customers and be eligible for government procurements, Skyscape Cloud Services needed a converged infrastructure platform with pre-integrated compute, networking and storage to form a foundation for its multi-tenanted cloud solutions. Learn how VCE enabled Skyscape to satisfy the most...

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