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Simplifying Product Design In A Complex World

Product design engineering has moved far beyond the confines of ever-more powerful workstations. Companies can't afford to restrict projects to using only local talent. Many are linking engineering teams around the globe to take advantage of skills in different geographies, ensuring they are...

Enterprise architects challenged to manage data explosion

Today's enterprise faces dramatic change and tremendous opportunity. Enterprise architects are finding it challenging to ensure adequate technology governance, drive transformational initiatives, and support critical business processes. Collecting and storing unprecedented amounts of data threatens to...

CIOs strive to harness Big Data while keeping an eye on the bottom line

CIOs who've embraced data-driven business practices are achieving impressive top line improvements. Discover how the leading open source, software-defined storage solution eliminates the need for disparate storage platforms, enables easy storage scalability, leverages cost advantages of commodity...

Top 3 Myths about Big Data Security : Debunking common misconceptions about big data security

Data volumes are growing rapidly with no end in sight. Big data represents massive business possibilities and competitive advantage for organizations that are able to harness and use that information. But how are they protecting that data? This eBook addresses three myths of big data security.

Magic Quadrant for Data Masking Technology

IBM is a leader in Gartner Inc's Magic Quadrant for Data Masking Technology. IBM received the highest positioning in the ability to execute and completeness of vision categories. Gartner reports that data masking should be mandatory for enterprises using copies of sensitive production data for...

Best Practices for Securing Hadoop

Historically, Apache Hadoop has provided limited security capabilities, and most Hadoop implementations to date have been deployed with little thought given to security. To protect sensitive data being stored and analyzed in Hadoop, security architects should use a structured approach to security.

Top Tips for Securing Big Data Environments: Why Big Data Doesn't Have to Mean Big Security Challenges

Big data environments create significant opportunities. However, organizations must come to terms with the security challenges they introduce, for example big data environments allow organizations to aggregate more and more data - much of which is financial, personal, intellectual property or other types of...

The Total Economic Impact of the Appcelerator Platform

491% Return on Investment. That's the headline finding of Forrester's in-depth ROI analysis of the Appcelerator Platform. Equally remarkable stats include:- 40% Faster time-to-market- 52% Lower delivery costs- 75% Decreased time-to-resolutionThis independent report details the value realized by... Appcelerator Case Study selected the Appcelerator Platform for the lifecycle automation that allowed them to build and test apps faster with fewer resources.

Who does NSS Labs "Recommend" for NGFW?

In 2012, NSS Labs found that most available NGFW solutions "fell short in performance and security effectiveness." In 2013 NSS Labs noted "marked improvement" and bestowed their "recommended" rating on 6 vendors. Click here to find out who they were.

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