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Infonetics Research: How Much Will Cloud Unified Communications Cost? Responses to Two RFPs

What Is the Cost of Unified Communications? How do you choose among business phone services and unified communications providers when it's important to get the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)? Should you turn to a cable provider for your business communications? Or to a regional phone company? Or...

8x8 Unifies Phone, Conferencing and Contact Center Features for a Growing Global Enterprise

8x8 Unifies Phone, Conferencing and Contact Center Features for a Growing Global Enterprise. Replicon is a company on the move. Founded in 1996, it has grown to become the leading provider of cloud-based time tracking applications, with 1.5 million users worldwide and offices in Australia, Canada, India, the...

The Total Cost of Email

The vital demands for enhanced archiving, security and continuity in your email environment can quickly escalate the costs of your in-house email management strategy. In this white paper, we'll explore the true costs of fragmented email management and uncover how to reduce those costs with a cloud-based...

How to Pick a Unified Communications System That Kicks Your Competition's UCaaS

Companies the world over are learning how to connect with customers using superior unified communications and CRM. Is your competition one of them? Get this new eBook from respected CommFusion analyst Blair Pleasant to learn: - Which unified communications feature you need to "juice" telesales,...

Balancing Security, Compliance and Cost: the Prescription for Healthcare Email Management: Move to the Cloud

Learn how cloud-based technologies for core productivity tools such as email and collaboration can help healthcare organizations be more efficient with IT dollars and focus on strategic initiatives such as the EMR.

Who Leads in Business VoIP and UC?

According to Infonetics Research, there's an industry shakeout underway, and probably not all providers will survive. Don't get stranded with the wrong unified communications provider--read this complimentary research so you can make the best decisions for your organization.

Email Security Checklist: Eight Steps for Healthcare Organizations

Don't let fear of violating Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) codes prevent you from using email to communicate sensitive information. Email is powerful and can improve efficiency and satisfaction with patients and partners. It can also help you better manage information...

Eliminating Jenkins Sprawl: Going from CI to CD with Electric Cloud

Many organizations have begun adopting Continuous Delivery (CD) practices to increase velocity beyond the build and test phase. This paper reveals how organizations can achieve CD by adopting CD solutions from Electric Cloud. You will learn how to leverage existing investment in Jenkins CI servers and the...

Software Build Acceleration, Analytics and Build Clouds

Discover how to dramatically speed up software builds by automatically distributing build jobs over scalable resource clouds and multi-core desktops, with potential savings of $1 to $2 million per year.

Accelerate and Standardize your Software Delivery

End-to-end automation can help to accelerate and standardize software delivery. This white paper introduces a suite of solutions which can help to maintain Continuous Delivery throughout the build, test and deploy process.

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