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The Keys to Securing Data in a Collaborative Workplace

Losing data is costly. According to the Ponemon Institute, the average data breach costs US organizations an estimated $200 per record, or $5.4 million total per breach. And apparently these breaches are equally likely to be from criminal attack as from employee or contractor negligence. It makes sense then...

An Executive Point of View: Transforming your Business with Software as a Service

Customers are more demanding, the competitive landscape is more dynamic, and the very structure of companies is evolving rapidly. What can executives and business leaders do to stay ahead of the curve? Read this eBook to find out how software as a service (SaaS) can transform your business into a more...

Connecting People with Collaborative Business Networks Through SaaS

Becoming a "social business" can transform your operations, improving collaboration, responsiveness and business processes. CEOs are prioritizing this transformation and adoption of new technologies. SaaS solutions can deliver social tools that were impossible just a few years ago.

ESG Lab Report: Virident FlashMAX Connect

This ESG Lab Validation report documents remote hands-on testing of the Virident | HGST FlashMAX ConnectSoftware Suite, with a focus on the performance advantage the solution provides and the ability to deploy the suite in a distributed storage/application environment.

Flash Performance for Oracle RAC with PCIe Shared Storage

This paper talks about a unique offering that makes it possible for Oracle RAC database to run on PCIe SSDs. The RAC cluster need not have any other shared storage, yet it still achieves the best performance, availability, scalability, and cost savings for building out blocks of databases for the public or...

Accelerating Oracle with Preferred Reads

This article shows how the Virident | HGST FlashMAX II card can be used to gain read Flash performance in an ASM cluster, while keeping a copy of the data in the existin SAN storage array.

Best practices in choosing and implementing EMM

Mobility and security specialists are carefully considering enterprise mobility management solutions. In this report Gartner takes a look at best practices for evaluating and selecting an EMM solution.

Reality Check(list): Mobile Enterprise Buyer's Guide

As you implement your mobility strategy, you must consider the various use cases and the technology that addresses each of them. This guide can help you identify the solutions that make sense for your unique requirements.

10 Essential Elements for a Secure Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Mobility can help your organization's workforce achieve new levels of productivity and agility. But to be successful, your enterprise mobility strategy must ensure protection and compliance for sensitive business information while providing the convenient user experience people demand. This white paper...

Enterprise mobility management at your own pace: a three-phase approach

This white paper presents a three-phase plan for mobile empowerment, management and security using the Citrix XenMobile EMM platform. Such a strategy breaks down the process of empowering employees with the benefits of mobility and managing and securing the environment into stages that organizations can...

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