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Social Customer Service: The Future of Customer Satisfaction

Social customer service is now a major competitive advantage for companies that can deliver seamless assistance and a consistent voice across all communications channels. Learn how enterprises must organize themselves around the customer, leveraging shared technologies, policies, and processes.

Turning Insight Into Action: Social Media Intelligence

The amount of data produced on social media is staggering - and so is the potential business value for enterprises that know what to do with it. Your customers are pulling back the curtains to reveal their desires and dislikes; can your enterprise transform all of that data into actionable insights?

5 Step Guide to Social Media Security

Understand the social compliance landscape, identify required controls for your organization, and galvanize resources to mitigate risk. Working together, marketers and their peers in risk and compliance can address current and future requirements and enable a secure and compliant social enterprise.

Social Media in Technology: A Unified Strategy for Success

Leading companies know that when different departments across the organization use social media to listen to their audiences and peers, they get stronger insights into their customers, competitors, industry, and communities. Learn how leaders in tech integrate social media to spark business growth.

Security in the Cloud

Cloud computing has been around since at least 2000 when emerged as one of the first major "software as a service" (SaaS) providers, offering sales automation tools for the CRM application market. Since then cloud computing has exploded, with both major vendors and lean start-ups...

A user-centric path to mobile security

Mobile technology has revolutionized the way millions of people do their jobs. Employees now have unprecedented levels of flexibility, including the ability to work anytime from anywhere. For enterprises, the resulting increase in employee productivity can translate into faster response time, more revenue...

Transform IT to Cloud Services Brokerage: Featuring Gartner Research

When IT works with the enterprise as a value-added supplier, it can free the organization to think big and alter the competitive playing field. In this new brief from Gartner and Cisco, discover the five major steps to transitioning your IT to a cloud-services broker.

The Value of Cisco Services - Forrester TEI Study

What are the potential financial impacts and benefits of Cisco Data Center Optimization Services? Discover how organizations like yours saw up to 119% ROI and less than one-year payback with Cisco Services in this Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study.

3 Things to Know for Your RISC Migration: Featuring Gartner Research

Is your organization ready to take the RISC-migration plunge? Wondering how to tackle the risks? Discover the three factors you need to know before you begin. Read Cisco's latest RISC Migration brief, featuring research and insights from leading analyst firm Gartner.

SIP Migration: Addressing CIOs' Concerns

When CIOs are asked about their top concerns, they rarely talk about a specific technology. Rather, their focus is on objectives like growing employee efficiency and delivering a higher level of customer experience. But recent data from IDG Research shows that many IT executives are counting on SIP to help...

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