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SANS - Survey on Application Security Programs

How do your peers secure their mobile apps? The SANS Institute surveyed 488 respondents on the state of their application security programs and practices. Download this report to see how mature and effective these programs are as well as what tools they use and how they justify budget.

SANS - Securing Web Applications Made Simple and Scalable

The weakest point in modern networking infrastructures is often not the low-level hardware and software running on the servers, but the web applications that are developed and hosted upon them. According to the SANS survey on application security, poor understanding of web security needs on the part of...

Know the Big Three

How do you protect your mobile applications? Check out this whitepaper on three of the top mobile application security threats facing businesses today and recommendations on how to mitigate the risk.

Designing a defense for mobile apps

Mobile apps may be a threat, but they don't have to be. Download this whitepaper to review the various considerations for defending mobile applications-from the mobile application architecture itself to the myriad testing technologies needed to properly assess mobile applications risk.

Infographic: HP Global 2000 Mobile Risk Report

Do you trust your mobile applications? Insecure mobile applications represent a real security threat to enterprises and individuals. HP Security Research leveraged HP Fortify on Demand Mobile to scan more than 2,000 mobile applications from more than 600 companies to find out. Download this info-graphic to...

HP Global 2000 Mobile Risk Report

Mobile applications represent a growing threat to the enterprise. But how big of a threat? HP Security Research leveraged HP Fortify on Demand Mobile to scan more than 2,000 mobile applications from more than 600 companies to find out.

Benchmark Report: Mobile App Performance

2014 will continue to be a huge year for mobile as businesses sharpen their focus from web to mobile and leverage apps to increase revenue and productivity. Improving mobile app performance is critical in order to ensure success. This first-ever mobile experience benchmark report offers real-world data on...

Protecting Digitalized Assets in Healthcare

Healthcare providers face an urgent, internal battle every day: security and compliance versus productivity and service. For most healthcare organizations, the fight is an easy one: Providing quick, high-quality care wins every single time.The pressure, therefore, is on healthcare IT to enable doctors and...

Is a SaaS Deployment Right for You?

Find out the answer and as well as the other deployment options.

Discover How Mail Express Solves 2 of Your Biggest IT Headaches

Email. It can be the source of some of IT's biggest headaches. As it eats up storage and bandwidth, it also opens up holes in your IT security plan. But there is good news. Mail Express can easily solve your most troublesome headaches surrounding email and it can reduce costs, too!Get all the answers...

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