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Your New EMM Platform: How to Streamline the Migration

"As enterprises decide on an EMM solution, many gloss over theimplementation stage. And it's a factor that needs attention,because smartphone migration can be resource-intensive andchallenging, for even the most advanced IT organizations. The good news is that there are services available to make...

The CIO's Guide to Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

"Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is top of mind for most CIOs today, not just because of BYOD, but also because of theclear opportunity that mobility presents to boost productivity, customer engagement, job satisfaction and more. This guide is designed to help CIOs decide which issues to focus on,...

Separating Work and Personal at the Platform Level: How BlackBerry Balance Works

You've heard a lot about DLP, sandboxing and containerization - but what's the best way to truly separate work from personal on a mobile device? You've got to go right down to the platform and start there. That's what BlackBerry® Balance™ does. Find out exactly how, in this IT-level...

Secure, Centralized, Simple: Multi-platform EMM

BYOD, corporate-issued, or a mix. Today, you can manage all the mobile platforms and devices in your enterprise through a single pane of glass. Find out how, in this IT-level overview of the multi-platform management capabilities you get with BlackBerry® Enterprise Service 10.

Future Focus: What's Coming in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Mobile computing is extending beyond smartphones and tablets into machines and end-points of many types. And it all needs to be controlled from a single management console based in the cloud or on-premises - with the security and privacy that both the organization and mobile worker demand. Find out why the...

5 Step Guide to Social Media Security

Understand the social compliance landscape, identify required controls for your organization, and galvanize resources to mitigate risk. Working together, marketers and their peers in risk and compliance can address current and future requirements and enable a secure and compliant social enterprise.

8 Tips for Social Business

There is no longer any doubt as to the importance of social media in all facets of business. Taking advantage of its potential is largely dependent on a well thought-out and scalable social strategy. Download this white paper to learn how to align your social strategy with your business objectives.

Social Media in Technology: A Unified Strategy for Success

Leading companies know that when different departments across the organization use social media to listen to their audiences and peers, they get stronger insights into their customers, competitors, industry, and communities. Learn how leaders in tech integrate social media to spark business growth.

Evaluating Enterprise Social Relationship Platforms

The business impact of social media is undeniable. With organization-wide participation increasingly the norm, choosing social tools that meet the security, compliance and governance requirements of your organization is essential. Get the information you need to make an informed decision.

Drive Business Growth with the Right Social Media Tools

With social media taking an increasingly important role in business, CIOs have an opportunity before them: Demonstrate their ability to evolve by facilitating the adoption of social media in a secure, compliant manner. Do you have the information you need to make an informed decision?

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