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Realize the Power of Connected Intelligence with Toad for Oracle

We're excited to announce the new release of Toad™ for Oracle®. Whether you are a Toad™ novice or veteran, these latest updates will dramatically improve your productivity.Read our technical brief today to explore how to take full advance of all the new features and enhancements.

Achieve an astounding return on investment with Toad™ for Oracle®

Forrester Research details how one large transportation company implemented Dell Toad™ for Oracle®, and in a five year span saw a 2,667% ROI and savings of over $49 million.Download the whitepaper today and learn how Dell Toad™ can lead your company to big savings and big returns.

Social Media Education: The New Edge for Success

Failure to train for social media will cost your business money. A recent report showed how digitally prepared companies can unlock up to $1.3 trillion in annual business value by leveraging social. Learn about the importance of implementing and scaling social media education across your company.

Mapping Organizational Roles & Responsibilities for Social Media Risk

Social media has introduced a wide array of opportunities for organizations to engage with customers, employees and partners. But with these opportunities come risks. What is less clear is who is responsible for managing and mitigating the risks tied to social media.

How Toad DBA Suite for IBM DB2 Complements IBM Data Studio

DBAs and developers working with IBM® DB2 often use IBM® Data Studio®. Toad™ DBA Suite or IBM® DB2 LUW complements Data Studio with advanced features that make DBAs and developers much more productive. Learn about some of these features, and compare them to Data Studio's functionality.

Putting Social To Work For Your Business

If you want to influence the online conversation about your company, you need dedicated brand advocates who can participate in social media on your behalf. But where can you find them? Don't look far. Your best potential social advocates are actually your own employees.

Secure Your Social Organization

Teams throughout your enterprise are creating new social media accounts and adopting their own platforms to manage them. But without a standard and secure environment, your organization remains vulnerable. IT is usually the ones who get called to clean up the mess. Take control of the situation now?

Social Customer Service: The Future of Customer Satisfaction

Social customer service is now a major competitive advantage for companies that can deliver seamless assistance and a consistent voice across all communications channels. Learn how enterprises must organize themselves around the customer, leveraging shared technologies, policies, and processes.

Turning Insight Into Action: Social Media Intelligence

The amount of data produced on social media is staggering - and so is the potential business value for enterprises that know what to do with it. Your customers are pulling back the curtains to reveal their desires and dislikes; can your enterprise transform all of that data into actionable insights?

5 Step Guide to Social Media Security

Understand the social compliance landscape, identify required controls for your organization, and galvanize resources to mitigate risk. Working together, marketers and their peers in risk and compliance can address current and future requirements and enable a secure and compliant social enterprise.

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