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Security in the Cloud for SAP HANA

Intel, Vormetric, Virtustream and SAP deliver enterprise-class customer-controlled data security High-speed data analytics is changing the way companies compete, enabling them to generate real-time insights to support their most important business processes. Cloud computing offers a complementary technology...

Data Security Architecture Overview

The Vormetric Data Security Architecture white paper provides an understanding of the architectural underpinning of Vormetric Data Security Platform, a comprehensive solution for a data-centric security architecture for minimizing the attack surface of sensitive data and to assist in meeting data compliance...

The Vormetric 2013 Insider Threat Report

The 2013 Vormetric Insider Threat Report administered by The Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG), revealed insider threats (i.e., threats posed by employees, third parties with insider privileges, or malicious software that uses legitimate access rights to networks, applications, and sensitive data as an attack...

Securing Sensitive Data within Amazon Web Services EC2 and EBS - Challenges and Solutions to Protecting Data within the AWS Cloud

In this white paper, learn about the specific problems around data protection when using servers within Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments. This includes both problems specific to the environment, the motivations that drive the need for this data protection, and recent changes in cyber threats that...

The Insider Threat - How Privileged Users Put Critical Data at Risk

This white paper discusses the growing insider risks. It will also cover how organizations become breached-either by internal users through malicious or benign actions or from external threats that acquire the credentials of trusted insiders. It also touches on how organizations can limit privileged...

Deal With It: Protecting Data in the Cloud

Maintaining control over the data is paramount to cloud success. In this CSO Magazine whitepaper, learn about Cloud Computing Security Challenges, Techniques for Protecting Data in the Cloud and Strategies for Secure Transition to the Cloud.

Big Data, Big Risks

The cloud computing landscape continues to realize explosive growth. This white paper outlines what IT and security professionals need to know about the significant security risks of big data, including critical security vulnerabilities, risks, and challenges, key business and technical issues such as...

Binary Option: Neustar SiteProtect Case Study

Learn how Neustar helped protect against DDoS attacks with SiteProtect DDoS mitigation technology.

Four Ways DNS Can Accelerate Business Growth

This DNS eBook describes how DNS has developed over the years to support business growth as new needs have emerged, for example, advanced traffic management and protection from cyber threats.

Three Ways Your DNS Can Impact DDoS Attacks

Domain Name System (DNS) plays a big role in consumers' day-to-day Internet usage and is a critical factor when it comes to distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Learn three ways your DNS can have an impact on DDoS attacks.

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