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Understanding Big Data Quality for Maximum Information Usability

In this paper we examine some of the challenges presented by managing the quality and governance of big data, and how those can be balanced with the need to deliver usable analytical results. We explore the dimensions of data quality for big data, and examine the reasons for practical approaches to proactive...

Roles and Responsibilities in Data Management for Big Data

Organizations of every shape are evolving - as quickly as they are able - to a world of commerce that has been forever changed by the abundant growth of data. The transactional evidence of customer behavior and preferences, the environmental awareness of networks and sensors and the ubiquity of...

Top 5 Reasons for Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

There is no question that every business wants to protect their operations from downtime and loss of data. But many companies don't have the internal expertise or budget to implement the disaster recovery plan they need. Traditional disaster recovery solutions typically cost too much; they're too...

Moving to Hybrid Cloud: Top 5 Considerations

Businesses are embracing public cloud because it promises increased agility and scalability. But it can also introduce complexity, interoperability, and security concerns. Hybrid cloud is emerging as a way to mitigate those concerns by providing the right combination of internal controls with the ability to...

Ten Factors Shaping the Future of Application Delivery

In a recent research study on DevOps and Continuous Delivery, EMA discovered there is a strong correlation between the company's software delivery speed and their revenue growth. This report can help organizations build a case for Continuous Delivery adoption.

Using Continuous Delivery to Improve Software Delivery

Learn more about the challenges impacting organizations and how continuous delivery processes can be a key success factor in accelerating software delivery.

Global Bank Improves Quality of Application Development

Lack of a centralized management of the process and sporadic access to development build assets was hurting development cycles. Read how this financial institution centralized build assets, cut development time in half and added additional security controls.

Oracle Software Licensing: The Value of Resellers

"Resellers often have years of experience and understand licensing backward, forward and inside out ..."Senior Director of Global ITNEW white paper explores real-world insights and:* The Rise of Audits* Compliance Spend* SAM and Compliance * Complexity/Confusion...

The Cloud BI that IT and Developers Demand

Jaspersoft for AWS allows developers and IT professionals to easily and affordably build business intelligence solutions as well as embed visualizations and analytics inside applications. Pricing starts at

AWS and Jaspersoft Disrupt BI

TIBCO Jaspersoft for AWS and Amazon Redshift disrupt business intelligence with cost-effective analytics in the cloud. Available by the hour in a pay-as-you-go model, stop anytime.

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