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How Dell Optimizes Marketing Decision Making

Imagine that your revenue climbed significantly after a particular marketing campaign, even though marketing spending had remained flat. But wait - not so fast! Have you considered if any factors other than marketing may have influenced the revenue increase? Leading computer technology provider Dell decided...

Technology Trends Manufacturers Can't Ignore

According to IDC, manufacturers that want to succeed at customer-centric marketing must focus on the "third platform" of technology to better relate to customers by understanding:- Mobile broadband and networking of 4th generation wireless- Social networking - to dramatically change the engagement...

Visualize Your Data with In-memory Processing

Do you simply want to collect data, or do you want to derive business insights from it? What if you could quickly and easily explore all your data using visualization techniques combined with powerful analytics? You can. Data visualization enables users to quickly and easily explore their data for hidden...

Make Your Business Smarter with Cloud-Based Analytics

SaaS has great potential as a delivery method for business analytics. In a recent webinar, professionals from IBM and discussed how SaaS can be a versatile and capable vehicle for advanced business analytics.

Finance - Interactive eGuide

The financial services industry often leads the pack in adopting new technologies. With typically huge IT departments and plenty of sway, financial services companies can make or break new technologies. This year alone, this industry is expected to spend $430 billion globally on IT, accounting for 20% of the...

Guide: 10 Essential Questions about Mobile App Containers

Mobile apps are the ultimate corporate dilemma: They turbo-charge productivity - but also bring significant security risks. How do you navigate the challenge and emerge with both? With a comprehensive approach to security. Learn the key areas to focus on as you build a mobile app security strategy.

The 3 Cs of Secure Mobility

Many enterprises are inundated by vendors claiming to enable secure mobility with "containers." But how do you sift through the hype? This whitepaper describes the Three C's of Secure Mobility - content, credentials, and configurations - and containerization's role in mitigating native...

Preventing Data Loss Takes More Than MDM

You need to secure your BYOD devices - but MDM alone isn't enough to prevent data loss. Read this whitepaper - Data Loss Prevention: When MDM Is Not Enough - to learn how to combat MDM shortcomings. See how to add cross-platform security, implement protection policies, and limit exposure to risks.

Infographic: Embracing SaaS in Merchandising

Retail merchants are embracing Software as a Service and cloud solutions to optimize price, promotion, and assortment decisions driving revenue, profit and customer loyalty.

Anti-Evasion: Why It's a Critical Component of Intrusion Prevention Systems

Sophisticated exploits that utilize advanced evasion techniques are all too common. Anti-evasion data-normalizing techniques are critical to an effective IPS, since evasions that aren't decoded and detected effectively render the IPS useless.

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