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The SIEM Evaluator's Guide

Security information and event management (SIEM) tools are designed to collect, store, analyze, and report on log data for threat detection, incident response and compliance management. When evaluating any technology, it's essential to outline your primary use cases and success factors. This guide...

Unlock the Value of Enterprise Mobility

Download this guide and learn how to manage the secure deployment of enterprise mobile apps and data, while still encouraging the levels of employee adoption needed to drive the productivity and ROI gains that are possible.

Rebranded Quadmark revamps its IT solutions with Google Apps

Switching to Google Apps halved Quadmark's IT admin costs while achieving 10% time savings per employee. The global consulting firm now spends 80% less time training new hires on email and collaboration tools.

Study: Total Economic Impact of Google Apps

Employees can work faster and IT spending can decrease when companies switch to Google Apps, says a commissioned study by Forrester Consulting. Going Google can make teams 20% more efficient and yields an estimated ROI of 329%.

Radicati: Cloud Business Email - Market Quadrant 2013

Google was named the top cloud business email provider in a recent report by research firm Radicati. Out of 14 key players, Google Apps for Business leads the pack in both functionality and estimated adoption.

Break Down Barriers and Reduce Cycle Times with DevOps

Learn how companies like Netflix, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook and many, many deliver new features faster, sometimes several times per day, while other companies wait months to release software updates. Dismantling the traditional silos between Development and Operations, their teams work together through what is...

The Apple-ization of the Enterprise: Understanding IT's New World

Today's "always-on" employees settle for nothing less than an Apple-like experience from their devices and applications, leaving CIOs and IT managers to cringe. They wonder how they can support more devices; properly protect enterprise data; and maintain compliance with regulations. Read this...

A Practical Introduction to Enterprise Mobility Management

Mobility is changing the way we work, allowing employees to be productive in new ways; however enterprise IT is still trying to get a grasp on managing, enabling and securing modern mobility.Throw in the eccentricities specific to iOS and Android devices and implementing mobile device management (MDM), and...

Tablets in the Enterprise: A Checklist for Successful Deployment

Roughly 98% of Fortune 500 companies are currently using or supporting iPads in their organizations. If the most powerful companies in the world are on the tablet bandwagon, it's only a matter of time before tablets become integral to the way we work. Employees are choosing iPads and other tablets to...

Enterprise Mobility: A Checklist for Secure Containerization

The mobilization of a workforce creates ongoing challenges for enterprise IT teams charged with security andcompliance of critical corporate data on employee-owned devices. Happily, some of these challenges can beresolved through implementation of a multi-layered, enterprise mobility management (EMM)...

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