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Enterprise Security Checklist

Don't be a target! With the onset of BYOD and IT consumerization, threats to your network security and sensitive corporate information are very real. But there are simple steps you can start implementing today to safeguard your IT environment against these increasing security threats by cybercriminals....

5 Impactful Tips for Securing BYOD in the Enterprise

Allowing employees to use their personal devices for work provides flexibility, convenience and ease-of-use benefits that enhance their productivity and overall work experience. However, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies can pose security challenges to your enterprise environment. IT must monitor and...

4 ways to modernize your application performance monitoring strategy

Increasing the speed and efficiency of web applications is a focus for both IT and the business. This whitepaper outlines four ways to increase application performance monitoring of modern web applications, including the ability to,* Proactively capture functional issues that cause shopping cart...

10 key findings illustrate the need for a new breed of APM solutions

Enterprise Management Associates surveyed IT Executives on the front lines of managing application complexity about Application Performance Management (APM) of cloud-based applications. In this paper, you will find a summary of ten key research findings. The results may surprise you.

Managed Private Cloud

Protect and manage your entire enterprise continuously with Code42's simple, efficient Managed Private Cloud. Simply plug it in and rely on our data experts to manage the rest.

Enterprise Cloud Deployment Strategies

Three primary cloud deployment strategies are available today for enterprise software-public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. However, many vendors force enterprises to choose between data security or cloud deployment flexibility; they're either unable or unwilling to give the enterprise both.

CrashPlan PROe Security

CrashPlan PROe is a continuous, multi-destination solution engineered to back up mission-critical data whenever and wherever it is created. Because mobile laptops often are connected to unsecured networks, a very high standard of security is required to ensure privacy.

SharePlan Security

SharePlan is a continuous, secure, enterprise-ready file sync and share platform that facilitates smart, real-time collaboration across all devices. Because laptops and mobile devices often are connected to unsecured networks, a very high standard of security is required to ensure privacy.

Top 3 Iron-Clad Reasons Why File Sync/Share is Not Endpoint Backup

The user-driven adoption of consumer-based syncing and sharing productivity tools runs rampant in today's enterprise. Employees unknowingly create corporate data security risks by adopting these applications. Understanding the primary purpose of each application helps differentiate between them.

Leveraging Endpoint Backup for Legal Holds & E-Discovery

As the volume, mobility and compliance requirements of enterprise data explodes, so has the need to collect and preserve data for the purpose of e-discovery. Learn how enterprise endpoint backup can satisfy data collection and preservation requirements in a more streamlined and cost-effective manner than...

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