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Learn More About Peer 1 Hosting's Mission Critical Cloud

Mission Critical Cloud from Peer 1 Hosting is enterprise-ready, creating a perfect point of adoption whether you need an off-premise solution for development, testing and staging workloads or are launching new mission critical commercial applications in the cloud.

What Makes a Cloud Solution Truly Enterprise-Grade?

"Enterprise grade" has not been a term associated with multi-purpose or commodity public cloud, and for good reason. Future enterprise cloud capabilities will evolve from five core elements that IT leaders should look for today as they evaluate potential cloud service providers.

Mission Critical Cloud Powers Freesat Website, Mobile App

When subscription-free satellite TV service Freesat needed a scalable, cost-effective infrastructure for its business critical website and mobile app, it found the disaster recovery and security features it needed with Peer 1 Hosting's Mission Critical Cloud.

Bring Your Own Device: From Security to Success

BYOD has proven to provide benefits for organizations, from increased productivity to decreased IT costs. But to realize these benefits, BYOD programs must be implemented correctly and take mobile apps and data into consideration. Download this e-Book to learn best practices for executing a BYOD policy.

Securing Mobile App Data - Comparing Containers and App Wrappers

Analysts agree that Mobile Device Management (MDM) is not enough when it comes to securing app data. Although it remains a critical component of an overall mobile security strategy, explore the solutions beyond device management in this whitepaper. Learn the differences in advanced containerization...

Visualizing Gamification with Intelligent Digital Signage

Over the past several years, many businesses have introduced game mechanics into their business practices in order to motivate performance and increase productivity. This gamification of business is further complemented by Intelligent Digital Signage systems that leverage existing data sources and create...

Administrators need an agile platform to usher the new era of enterprise storage

With the increasing demand for social, mobile, and big data applications, the creation and consumption of data continues to grow. Cloud computing is changing the way services are deployed and managed. The enterprise IT landscape is evolving rapidly and software-defined storage is critical to its successful...

Architects lead the next generation of data-driven applications

Modern application architects are being asked to deliver a new era of social, mobile, and big data applications at a time when the entire application stack is shifting around them. Successful architects are taking a page out of the cloud computing playbook and turning to open, scale-out storage software...

A Modern Approach to the Data Deluge

Modern enterprises require I.T. organizations to become more agile to manage complex physical, virtual, and cloud technologies. I.T. leaders and their organizations must manage this complexity, keep operating costs low, and deliver on ever-increasing SLA expectations. With the rapid growth in unstructured...

Server and system administrators challenged to keep up with enterprise storage explosion

The rapid evolution of enterprise storage technologies, combined with external forces, like the explosion of big data, can cause Linux® and server administrators to play catch-up when it comes to storage. Running a bunch of monolithic storage devices and proprietary, disconnected technologies forces...

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