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Advanced Threat Defense: A Comprehensive Approach

In this interview, Peter George, president, General Dynamics Fidelis Cybersecurity Solutions, explains why we need more than anti-malware, and what constitutes a comprehensive approach to network advanced threat defense.

Datacenter eGuide

Today's enterprise data center is characterized by innovative technologies that are significantly improving IT performance, reliability, and efficiency. As these technologies evolve, they are becoming the cornerstone of modern IT infrastructures that support new and better ways of doing business. And...

Say Goodbye to I/O and Data Bottlenecks

Cisco and Intel have harnessed flash memory technology and truly innovative system software to blast through the boundaries of today's I/O-bound server/storage architectures. See how they are bringing real-time responsiveness to data-intensive applications-for unmatched business advantage. Read Now

Overcoming the I/O Barrier: How Cisco Does It

Mission-critical applications often rely on near-instantaneous access to data. Find out how Cisco solid-state all-flash arrays break through the I/O limitations of traditional configurations using new technology and an innovative OS to increase performance, endurance, and consistency. Read Now

Increase VDI Performance with Cisco UCS Invicta

High-performing VDI deployments in traditional environments can hinder the end user's experience-and prove costlier than expected. Stop purchasing more resources than necessary. Give your end users the performance they need with innovative Cisco UCS Invicta all-flash arrays. Learn More

Forrester: How IT Leaders Beat I/O Constraints

Despite the higher price tag on solid-state drives, IT leaders told Forrester they perceive cost savings that justify the investment. Dive into the details in this survey of over 100 IT infrastructure and operations decision-makers. Read Report

Accelerate Apps to Gain a Competitive Edge

What would you do with faster applications and faster answers? Getting faster results-the fuel for better decision making-is increasingly at the root of competitiveness, even survival. Learn how the all-flash Cisco UCS Invicta Series can put IT at the center of the acceleration solution. Read Now

EndPoint Interactive eGuide

Today's enterprise endpoints are much more diverse and feature-rich than ever before. Employees are making the most of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend and working whenever, wherever, from the endpoint of their choice. But whether that device is a traditional desktop PC, notebook, handheld device,...

A More Predictable Way to Budget Software Costs

More predictable budgeting for software licenses was one motivation to adopt Adobe Creative Cloud. Read this case study to learn the other benefits that Wavetronix achieved, including elimination of upgrade and version compatibility worries, improved collaboration among departments, and access to new...

Adobe Creative Cloud FAQ

The new Creative Cloud app for your desktop keeps your entire creative world in sync and organized. Download and manage the latest product updates, keep tabs on your work and your followers on Behance, and more--all right from your desktopThe following are answers to common questions about Adobe® Creative...

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