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Virtualization and Web 2.0

NetScaler VPX, a virtual appliance from Citrix, has been shown to harness the power to cost-effectively deliver Web applications while providing advanced acceleration, security and offload services to optimize resource utilization.

Eight Criteria for Server Load Balancing

Today's load balancing solutions should address application performance and security. Read about the top eight criteria you should consider when choosing a server load balancer and how Citrix NetScaler meets those requirements.

Desktop Virtualization R/x for Medical Center

Oakland's Alameda County Medical Center completely sidestepped buying hundreds of new PCs, opting instead for a thin-client solution delivering consistent high performance to users. This timely case study shows how.

Using Open-Source SOA in an Enterprise Deployment

This paper provides a brief overview of the benefits of open source and the business drivers behind its market momentum. The paper also describes Sun's modular, open-source approach to an SOA.

Complete Buyers’ Guide for Identity Management

Source: Sun Microsystems

This comprehensive guide is the must-have tool to effectively evaluate and select the right identity management solution for your organization. Clearly organized sections cover today’s most important identity management topics you’ll need to consider.


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