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Improving Customer Retention and Satisfaction

This Ziff Davis white paper explores the relationship between customer retention and the quality of technical support and reveals 12 crucial remote-support tools that enable your team to boost customer satisfaction.

People + Processes + Technology: Creating a Winning Formula for Customer Support

This new SupportIndustry.com white paper explores the critical relationships between people, processes and technology and provides best practices for delivering superior service and support.

Sybase® IQ: The Economics of Business Reporting

Each year, the amount of data your company handles grows exponentially, as does the number of users who need access to insights from this growing data. Your systems must work harder every day to satisfy increased demands for answers that support mission-critical business decisions. Data analysis and business reporting are consuming more and more of system and staff resources. It's time to evaluate better alternatives.

TowerGroup 2009 Top 10 in Investment Management

In this report, TowerGroup has compiled a list of the top 10 business drivers and the resulting major strategic responses and technology initiatives.

The Transition to Sustainable Development – How "Green" is Driving the Market Environment

Download this whitepaper to see what you can do to help your business transition to one that is sustainable.

Open Source: Transforming Data into Dynamic Information Ecosystems

How is open source changing the face of enterprise software? Read this resource to find out.

Leveraging Open Source Business Intelligence across Your Organization

Learn how to overcome the technical challenges and misconceptions around delivering open source BI, as well as developing and maximizing the use of open source BI in this white paper.

How to Cost Effectively Deploy Open Source Business Intelligence

This white paper will show how to add new reporting features and functions to your applications without any scalability issues.

Application Delivery Lowers Costs, Improves Business

With information technology becoming business technology, CIOs are expected to improve overall revenue, profitability and competitiveness -- while reducing operating costs. The key to growing IT and the business lies in moving applications from a static deployment to an on-demand delivery model that bridges the gap between users and applications.

State of the Data Integration Market

This white paper reviews the state of the market for data integration for 2008 and 2009. The information presented is based on the State of the Data Integration Market Survey, a study of more than 300 global data integration users conducted by Oracle in August 2008.

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