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Stepping Up the Battle Against Advanced Threats

Attackers continuously develop sophisticated tactics and evasion techniques to bypass the latest protection methods, requiring the security industry to find a different approach to malware protection.

Axeda Platform Technical Overview

This paper summarizes the major features of an IoT platform and explains how they simplify and speed the process of developing and deploying IoT/M2M solutions while minimizing infrastructure and development costs.

eBook: An Executives' Guide: The Machine of the Future

This eBook has been developed to help executives understand the value of M2M and IoT to enterprises. We will include a framework CEOs can use to include connected products in their corporate strategies and strategic initiatives.

Quantifying the Return on Investment: The Business Case for Machine-to-Machine Initiatives

This paper uses real-world customer results and a set of key metrics to help executives and managers understand the return they should expect when investing in M2M.

Accelerating Speed to Market in the Highly Competitive Automotive Industry

This White Paper discusses how an Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solution optimizes project analysis, management, reporting and risk mitigation processes to accelerate new product launches in this highly competitive market.

Stock Shock: The effect of project and portfolio management on share price

In this independent report, you'll see the intrinsic connection between long-term capital investment and short term market performance -- and how this can impact the profit outlook.

Real World ROI: HP Converged Storage Customers Share their Experiences

This Enterprise Strategy Group Solution Impact Analysis examines how well-designed, executed and implemented storage can elevate storage from a necessity and a cost center to an asset that contributes to the business.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management 2013

The field service management market continues to splinter between vendors that offer specialty capabilities and those that deliver broader field service suites.

Healthcare Firm Ramps Up for Claims Processing Spikes

Huge increases in claims processing loads and stringent SLAs for Medicaid patients prompted Molina Healthcare to enhance their IT infrastructure with VCE.

Is There Still a Case for PMO?

PMOs haven't always worked for all companies all of the time. Smart companies should review their PMO needs and activities through a PMO self-assessment.

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