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Considerations for Embracing Wireless Monitoring

Employee behavior is once again driving major changes for IT departments - this time it's BYOD. This report details three critical steps to stay ahead of employee demand for wireless access.

Fixing Intermittent Performance Problems

Intermittent performance problems are among the most frustrating and time-consuming issues IT administrators face. Read this white paper and learn how technology advances give you the capability to find the root causes in minutes.

2014 Healthcare Data Management Survey Summary

This report provides insights into how much information Healthcare IT organizations are managing, the rate of data growth they are experiencing and which applications and business needs are driving that growth.

Best Practices for Security and Compliance with Amazon Web Services

This paper will discuss what part of the shared responsibility equation customers are responsible for and what some of the recommended security practices are that can help create a secure cloud-computing environment.

Case Study: Intuit Turns to Self-Service IT

Intuit empowered its users to resolve their own IT issues with a consumer-like experience to free IT to focus on more strategic initiatives. See how Intuit got here.

Automation for a Better Tomorrow

Check out the five most common annoyances facing enterprise IT service desks today, and how automation can resolve all of them. Download the white paper

Beyond the Enterprise App Store

Leverage proactive, secure and automated IT Service delivery to move beyond the traditional App Store and empower your users. Read the white paper to learn how

Bridging the Gap Between Business and IT

There's a growing gap between business users and IT services. Differences between what users want and what IT can provide are driving a wedge between these two camps.

The Future of IT: From Chaos to Service Automation

Learn how innovative CIOs are automating IT services and:
* Delivering business solutions, including cloud services and app development on one SaaS platform
* Shifting focus from cost to agility and growth across the enterprise
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Automation for a Better Tomorrow

What if your employees could leverage truly automated self-servicing, so they can solve problems on their own, and never need bother the service desk?

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