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On Call Firefight Survival Guide

Get the On-call Firefight Survival Guide for 10 on-call best practices and a handy dandy post-mortem checklist for after an incident. Maybe you can get rid of that ghost pager leg after all...

eBook: An Executives' Guide: The Machine of the Future

This eBook has been developed to help executives understand the value of M2M and IoT to enterprises. We will include a framework CEOs can use to include connected products in their corporate strategies and strategic initiatives.

How iPaaS Supports Today's Hybrid IT Environments

Learn how iPaaS differs from middleware, as well as how it provides significant cost and agility improvements for hybrid IT environments.

Help Desk: on the Critical Path for Pandemic/DR

When a workplace disruption hits, you need to act fast to ensure your employees are safe, keep them informed and maintain productivity. This new Forrester white paper explores the critical role that the help desk should play in your organization's business continuity planning.

2010 Service and Leadership Trends in Customer Support

This white paper from SupportIndustry.com synthesizes the results of a groundbreaking survey. It assesses the state of customer service issues - specifically, what the support industry does and how well it does it.

The Power of Remote Support

This TSIA white paper identifies the 6 toughest issues impacting service and support organizations today and explores how remote support technology can successfully tackle each.

Faster Problem Resolution

This new three-part eGuide explores how user-centric remote support addresses today's IT help desk challenges, simplifies the troubleshooting process and speeds problem resolution.

Driving IT help desk efficiency with remote support

IDC predicts that by 2011, 73 percent of the U.S. workforce will be mobile, inevitably increasing the pressure. That's why more companies are turning to Web-based, customer-centric remote support to support a burgeoning remote workforce.

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