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Revisiting the Search for Long-Term Storage -- A TCO Analysis of Tape and Disk

The Clipper Group, a 20-year old computer industry analyst firm, inde-pendently funded a total-cost-of-owner-ship (TCO) study to compare the costs of backend storage on high-capacity SATA/SAS disks and LTO tape for holding archived data.

The Evolving Role of Disk and Tape

Disk-based solutions for data protection have opened up new storage options for organizations.

LTFS Hits the Mark in Media Entertainment: An In-Depth Introduction to LTFS for Digital Media

In the media and entertainment industry, content is king. The majority of this content is now produced in digital form and virtually all of this content has digital distribution; that content is not digital data.

Tape without Pain

Tape, far from being dead, is increasingly necessary in data centers-and as the emphasis on the green data center continues, tape will become increasingly important. Its future provides additional possibilities not available through the use of other storage methods, including disk. Tape is, and will continue to be, indispensible. At the same time, Spectra Logic promises to continue its long history and successful methods of providing tape without pain.

Does Tape Still Make Sense?

This whitepaper investigates the attributes of tape technology in a backup system and explores the ramifications of eliminating tape. By addressing the issue of what you lose when you remove tape this paper strives to answer the question of whether tape still has a place in a current data protection system.

Tape Storage - Total Cost of Ownership

This paper focuses on the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of a data storage product or solution. To the point, it will concentrate on the short and long-term cost factors associated with owning or operating your gear and why you should be thinking about them when you buy. It will also provide a simple, theoretical TCO analysis as an example of what may be done when assessing purchase options. From this, you may quickly realize that highly discounted purchase prices up front do not always result in long-term cost savings to your firm.

Midrange Array Buyers Guide

Get your free DCIG Midrange Array Buyer's Guide, which scores and ranks over 70 data storage solutions from more than 20 providers. This comprehensive report is the first of its kind to offer an independent competitive evaluation from a user's perspective.

Making Cents of Tape vs. Disk

Gain a complete understanding of tape vs. disk storage. Examine a true cost comparison between the two mediums compiled to help IT professionals cost and justify their backup environment.

Tape Fallacies Exposed

Tape storage continues to play a vital role for data protection. David Hill of the Mesabi Group sheds light on the most common misperceptions.

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