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Addressing the Broken State of Backup with a New Category of Disk-Based Backup Solutions

Today, IT organizations are faced with a number of challenges when managing backup processes, including the need for faster backup, restore, tape copy, and recovery times.

Server-side caching in NFS-based VMware environments

Infinio offloads your NAS for better performance. Get the IOPS your virtualized applications and VDI demand with no reboots, no downtime, and no new hardware.

Get SSD-class performance without SSDs - ESG brief

A few mouse clicks, no reboots, no downtime, practically no risk, and 30 minutes to faster storage. Infinio Is aiming a software solution at a hardware problem.

AppSense and DELL Desktop Virtualization Solution

This implementation guide details the requirements for integrating AppSense with the Dell Desktop Virtualization Solution (DVS) architecture.

Optimizing Approaches to Enterprise Backup and Recovery

IT organizations are faced with ensuring that backups occur in the shortest amount of time and are not operationally disruptive as well as maintaining a timely backup window as data continues to grow.

How Backup Disk Architecture Impacts the Backup Window

This paper compares disk based backup architectures, the impact that data deduplication has on backup performance, and how well the solution scales as your backup data grows.

How Data Deduplication Impacts Recovery

Data deduplication has clear benefits when it comes to efficiently retaining backup data on disk and replicating data offsite for disaster recovery -- you save both disk space and bandwidth by employing deduplication.

Best Practices Series: Key Considerations for Purchasing Disk-based Backup

This white paper highlights key considerations when purchasing disk-based backup and offers a technical checklist to determine cause of poor deduplication ratios, backup application support, impact on RPOs and RTOs, and system sizing and pricing.

Best Practices Series: Shortcomings of Tape and the Consequences

Traditional tape backup has been a low-cost method of protecting valuable data for years. However, tape can be cumbersome and time consuming, and can require a considerable amount of manual intervention to successfully perform regular backups.

Straight Talk About Disk Backup with Deduplication

This eBook is a "must read" if you are considering a move from tape backup to disk-based backup with deduplication. You may not be aware of the many considerations that need to be assessed.

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