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On-premise e-Mail Archiving: Are You Ready for Optimized Exchange Migration?

Despite what you've heard, not everything is moving to the cloud. For example, BY 2014, 72% OF THE EXPECTED 470 MILLION EXCHANGE SERVER MAILBOXES worldwide WILL REMAIN ON-PREMISE. Download this exclusive tech dossier from Iron Mountain to learn why on-premise archiving can be the right choice for your Microsoft Exchange-hosted e-mail environment.

A Cure for Server Sprawl

Dell Global Infrastructure Consulting helps DeKalb Medical create a virtualized server environment to eliminate up to 90 servers and reduce power consumption by an anticipated 20 percent.

Selecting Server Processors to Reduce Total Cost

Read this whitepaper to learn how you can lower TCO and increase performance.

SharePoint and ECM Working Together

The rapid adoption of Microsoft SharePoint has created confusion in many organizations as regards to their future strategy for information management, particularly those with existing and established ECM, BPM and Records Management (RM) systems. There are a number of alternative strategies that acknowledge the strengths of SharePoint for collaboration and Enterprise 2.0, whilst utilizing traditional ECM and BPM suites for secure repositories and industry optimized business processes. In this report, we have measured the current thinking amongst the AIIM user-community as regards where to use SharePoint and where to use ECM suites. We do not focus on comparing feature-sets, but more consider the enterprise implications of different SharePoint and ECM strategies, and how to combine the best of the two product types.

Google: Searching for a Competitive Edge Case Study

Google achieved a competitive edge by launching a new search appliance and migrating an existing product to the latest Dell hardware; simplified the processes of designing, branding, configuring, shipping, and supporting the Google Search Appliance.

The Top 5 Server Monitoring Battles — and How You Can Win Them

The role of servers in your organization has changed substantially—with their uses, requirements, and complexity all increasing dramatically in recent years. This guide looks at some of the most pressing challenges administrators face in ensuring optimal server performance, and it offers insights into the tools and strategies required to address these demands.

SMB Workload Performance Comparison

Your Guide to the difference between AMD Processor-Based Dell PowerEdge T105 vs. Intel Processor-Based Dell Vostro 220

Right-Sizing Your Power Infrastructure

Now more than ever, businesses need a power infrastructure that’s right sized to their precise energy requirements. This white paper discusses the ways in which new technologies are impacting power demand patterns, explores the consequences of having too much power capacity or too little and then provides concrete advice on strategies for right sizing your power systems.


Cost-effective Strategies for Building the Next-generation Data Center

Find out why custom-made servers bearing energy-efficient processors are key to today’s cloud computing-inspired architectures.

Eight Criteria for Server Load Balancing

Today's load balancing solutions should address application performance and security. Read about the top eight criteria you should consider when choosing a server load balancer and how Citrix NetScaler meets those requirements.

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