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Life Without DOS : Transitioning to UEFI and IMM

Source: IBM

Migrate away from DOS tools.

Microsoft Windows

Protecting Sharepoint with Double-Take for Windows 5.0

Learn how to use Double-Take Software as a cost efficient way to protect your SharePoint data and access.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Data Sheet

Discover the latest on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in the latest data sheet added to our resource library.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 -- FAQ

Discover why to choose SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop in the latest resource from Novell and HP.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Deployment Approach Guide

Discover more on the most open, most interoperable and most manageable Linux platform in the latest guide from Novell and HP!

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Data Sheet

Access the latest white paper from Novell and HP to learn more about the Linux Enterprise Desktop.

The Trend from UNIX to Linux in the SAP Data Center

Discover why UNIX users are switching to Linux in this white paper, compliments of Novell and HP!

IDC White Paper: Linux Adoption in a Global Recession

Explore the receptiveness of Linux during a global recession in the latest white paper from IDC.

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