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It's Who You Know: CDW + HP Networking

HP's networking innovations focus on reducing complexity, increasing flexibility and supporting new data center demands. And as the top HP Networking partner in North America, CDW has the networking experts and HP expertise to make them work for you.

How to Meet Cyber Monday Network Demands

E-Commerce sites are particularly vulnerable to DDoS attacks. Learn how one open-source e-commerce hosting platform, experienced significant downtime on Cyber Monday due to a series of DDoS attacks and how they revamped their network infrastructure

Lessons to Learn from an 802.11n Upgrade

Classified Ventures' E-Commerce platform supports millions of online customers each year including popular sites like Cars.com and Apartments.com. With 1,500 employees, they needed a high-performing wireless infrastructure.

Keep Your Network Available, Efficient and Secure

Make the most of your network by working with experts who "get it." CDW and F5 have partnered to keep networks highly optimized. Keep your network highly available and redundant even during times of heavy traffic

ERP in the Cloud and the Modern Business

View IDC's White Paper, to review IDC CloudTrack Survey findings, gain expert insight into the challenges and opportunities the cloud presents, and determine which deployment option could provide the biggest benefits for your organization.

VCE Forms Foundation for New Cloud Service Provider

Learn how VCE enabled Skyscape to satisfy the most demanding requirements for security, sustainability and compliance and win significant new business in just 10 months.

Is it Time for a Network Makeover?

As new and more demanding applications make infrastructure upgrades a necessity, here's how to get the most out of your modernization efforts.

How to Achieve Network Nirvana

Application optimization not only improves network performance for users, it can also enhance security.

Top Network Optimization Projects for 2014

Network-related initiatives are on the rise, and for good reason. Network optimization delivers improvements across the entire organization -- regardless of size.

Next Wave in Wireless

Emerging 802.11ac standard promises a significant boost in performance to support ubiquitous mobility.

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