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The Winter Games - Your Way

During the 2014 Winter Olympics, video streams from the Akamai network reached devices internationally. Learn how Akamai provided stream security and analytics capabilities 24/7, and find out about key statistics that Akamai collected.

Top 5 Reasons You Need Network Testing NOW

Read this white paper to find out the top 5 reasons to test your network's performance. Learn More>>

Marketing Analytics Handbook: Marketing ROI for the Mobile Workforce

Mobility is redefining marketing analytics capabilities. This Marketing Analytics Handbook demonstrates how 24/7 visibility into marketing ROI and other KPIs make real-time analysis of business information easily accessible to the mobile workforce.

Infor Epiphany Solution Overview

Infor Epiphany leads the way in enabling enterprises to deliver more timely and relevant messages and create longer lasting and more valuable customer relationships.

Drive Customer Experience with Actionable Social CRM

Social media has added another digital channel to customer relationship management. The impact of social media requires organizations to combine social media interactions within a comprehensive digital CRM strategy.

CRM and Social Media

Social media platforms are now commonly part of the marketing mix. Use social media sites as a delivery platform for marketing messages

Bridging Channels Strengthens Customer Relationships

Customers use multiple channels to interact with the companies they do business with.

Infographic: Deliver Big on the Customer Experience

This new Infographic details the benefits of a multi-channel marketing solution.

Infographic: Maximizing Audience Engagement

When it comes to online video, the 2-second rule prevails. Viewers start abandoning a video that takes more than 2 seconds to begin playing. After more than a 10-second delay, more than half of the audience leaves.

10 Key Considerations for a Successful Online Video Strategy

Download this paper now to understand the top ten considerations for a successful online video strategy.

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