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2010 Application Delivery Networking Challenge

Application delivery is one of the few technologies that both improves the end-user experience and lowers the cost of enterprise networks. It improves response time, reduces bandwidth, optimizes server performance, provides enhanced security and gives visibility into what is happening at the application layer. Most importantly it saves a significant amount of money, providing a very short ROI.

ESG - Why Sharepoint Needs Riverbed WAN Optimization

Many SharePoint implementations are mission critical, yet access to these sites is often thwarted by poor network performance. In this analyst report from ESG, you'll discover how, much like Microsoft Exchange and other collaboration applications, companies deploying SharePoint can benefit from WAN optimization solutions, ensuring that they make the most of its productivity and information sharing capabilities.

Improving Business Value of WAN Optimization

Want to achieve faster ROI with WAN optimization? Read the latest IDC report and discover how you can cut IT costs without compromising performance, gain greater efficiency, and improve productivity and overall satisfaction.

Accelerating Satellite WANs with Riverbed

Are satellite connections making collaboration across your WAN nearly impossible? That's no surprise, given the high latency and low bandwidth that is endemic to satellite links. Application performance is often very poor, challenging teams around the globe. This solutions brief explains how using WAN optimization solutions can enable more robust, LAN-like performance over satel­lite connections with out-of-the-box compatibility that accelerates the broadest range of applications remote workers need to function effectively over the WAN.

Microsoft SharePoint Performance Brief

This is a Performance Brief that illustrates how Riverbed Steelhead appliances accelerate MS SharePoint Services over the WAN.

Network Based Backup

One of the greatest challenges today is effectively backing up and protecting the vast amounts of data stored throughout an organization. With WAN optimization, you can accelerate network-based backup by 5x and can reduce bandwidth use by up to 95%. Download this paper and learn more about this strategy today.

Riverbed Services Platform Feature Brief

Consolidation and virtualization are hot trends in IT, helping organizations increase their flexibility in delivering valuable services and reduce costs. The enhanced Riverbed® Services Platform (RSP) provides customers with the capability to run up to five additional services and applications virtually on VMware in a protected partition on the Steelhead® appliance. This revolutionary approach allows customers to deploy local services in all their branch offices without the need to deploy and maintain full-blown servers to run the applications. The business benefits are minimizing the hardware needed at the branch office, enabling companies to consolidate IT operations even further, reducing costs, and simplifying administration, all while still delivering high quality local services. Read this Feature Brief for more information.

Forrester Consulting - A Standard Branch Office IT Platform to Optimize and Consolidate

Want a standard IT platform that delivers network optimization and virtualization to the branch office? This Forrester report discusses why WAN optimization is the best way to gain better performance and cost savings for your business.

Case Study - Extreme Savings with Riverbed

Want to understand how other companies are turning their Riverbed investments into cost-saving machines? Download this case study bundle and uncover the money-saving secrets of WAN optimization solutions from Riverbed. These four enlightening case studies about very different organizations show how enterprises can slash network and IT costs while simultaneously improving application performance and business processes. It's called Extreme Savings and only Riverbed can deliver it.

Case Study-Psomas

Psomas is a leading consulting engineering firm offering services for private companies and government agencies in the water transportation and land development markets. As a high-growth firm, Psomas needed to accelerate application performance to accommodate a changing set of demands from the business as well as employees. They needed to overcome frustrating delays that were hindering project collaboration and work sharing, avoid mishaps with miscommunication among employees, and at the same time deploy technology that could keep up with their pace of growth. After considering bandwidth upgrades and point products, Psomas decided to go with the Riverbed Steelhead solution. With Riverbed Steelhead products deployed worldwide, their employees can now share work and leverage resources wherever they happen to be.

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