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Web security buyers guide

Web interactivity increasingly relies on user- and third-party-generated content built on rich backend database systems, which are easily exploited. This has created a breeding ground for the distribution of malware-even among the most trusted and popular web sites and applications. This dramatic change in the nature of web threats has rendered traditional web filtering technology completely ineffective. Simply blocking access to sites that may host malware is no longer a viable solution - as that would now include each and every site on the net. Read this buyers guide to learn what to look for when evaluating web security solutions.

Why Small Companies Should Think Outside the Box for Protecting Endpoints

Read this paper to learn why Aberdeen recommends small enterprises be open to endpoint security solutions from vendors other than McAfee and Symantec, especially products with minimal footprint and impact on performance.

The Impact of Messaging and Web Threats

Email is the most critical communication tool in the workplace. For this reason, email, along with other communication tools such as instant messaging, wikis, blogs, and VoIP are becoming vulnerable to attacks that threaten the very ability of individuals and companies to communicate or protect their sensitive data. In this Osterman Research Paper, discover why it is necessary for organizations to deploy a layered defensive strategy at all of the physical venues at which threats may enter a network or through which users may intentionally or inadvertently send sensitive content.

The Security Paradox

The First Global Study that Quantifies the Cost of Reactive Versus Proactive Security in a Midsize Organization

Strategies for Endpoint Security

Who would have thought that after 20-plus years of solid research and industry remedies that malware would still be a common malady on today’s PCs? This is not to say that the problem of computer viruses and trojans hasn’t changed…it has significantly. But today’s Internet-connected, application-integrated, global world makes it far easier for malware to sneak onto our computers to do bad things. Download this original InfoWorld report, "Strategies for Endpoint Security".

Protecting Against The Wave of Web Threats

This Osterman white paper explores the best multi-layered web defense strategy to combat against increasing web-based threats.

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