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Red Hat Enterprise Linux: Your Solaris Alternative

Review key features and benefits of Solaris and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Learn why Red Hat Enterprise Linux is an ideal solution for enterprises facing Sun and SPARC's uncertain future. Whether you are considering launching a new IT production environment or migrating legacy environments to next-generation platform.

Migrate from Unix to Linux in Six Steps

This paper provides an overview of a simple, six-step process for migrating from UNIX to Linux.

Five Things to Consider Before migrating from Unix to Linux

Any change brings with it an element of risk, whether the change is an application upgrade, a UNIX upgrade, or a transition from enterprise UNIX to Linux. This paper serves to explore five key considerations that every organization should make before migrating from UNIX to Linux.

The Ultimate Triple Play: Migrating from a Proprietary Risc/Unix Platform to Red Hat, Dell, Intel

There has never been a better time to migrate your proprietary RISC servers to Intel® Xeon® processor-powered Dell™ PowerEdge™ servers running Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®. This brief discusses how you can reduce costs and scalability, flexibility and performance with this trio of leading technology vendors supporting your business.

Making the Move: When, What, and How to Migrate from Unix to Linux

This paper discusses the migration efforts and recommended planning for a migration to Linux.

Life Without DOS : Transitioning to UEFI and IMM

Source: IBM

Migrate away from DOS tools.

Microsoft Windows

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Data Sheet

Discover the latest on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server in the latest data sheet added to our resource library.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11 -- FAQ

Discover why to choose SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop in the latest resource from Novell and HP.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Deployment Approach Guide

Discover more on the most open, most interoperable and most manageable Linux platform in the latest guide from Novell and HP!

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Data Sheet

Access the latest white paper from Novell and HP to learn more about the Linux Enterprise Desktop.

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