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Real World ROI: HP Converged Storage Customers Share their Experiences

This Enterprise Strategy Group Solution Impact Analysis examines how well-designed, executed and implemented storage can elevate storage from a necessity and a cost center to an asset that contributes to the business.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management 2013

The field service management market continues to splinter between vendors that offer specialty capabilities and those that deliver broader field service suites.

Healthcare Firm Ramps Up for Claims Processing Spikes

Huge increases in claims processing loads and stringent SLAs for Medicaid patients prompted Molina Healthcare to enhance their IT infrastructure with VCE.

Is There Still a Case for PMO?

PMOs haven't always worked for all companies all of the time. Smart companies should review their PMO needs and activities through a PMO self-assessment.

Consequences of Poorly Performing Software Systems

While performance issues are not always avoidable, their effects can be mitigated and often avoided by developing a keen understanding their causes and a forthright strategy to address issues when they do arise.

Identifying Application Performance Risk

Frequent release cycles require decisions about which applications to test, and how to focus the right resources on the right applications at the right times to ensure performance, scalability, and stability.

Developing Big Data Capabilities to Govern and Influence Sentiment

The explosion of Big Data represents an opportunity to leverage trending attitudes in the marketplace to better segment and target customers, and enhance products and promotions.

The Onshoring of IT Services

Changing economic factors and the emergence of formerly hidden problems with offshoring have led Gartner to look at compelling alternatives, notably domestic rural sourcing.

Driving BPM Success Requires the Right People

By ensuring a "people" focus and using some specific people-oriented analysis techniques, program managers can help ensure success in their BPM efforts.

Best Practices Guide for IT Governance & Compliance

This white paper details three critical steps for maintaining compliance with external regulations and internal security policies: assess the environment and controls; audit and alert on unapproved user activity; and develop remediation procedures.

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