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Who's Spying on You?

You're aware of the threats of malware to your business but what about the ever-changing ground rules? Cybercriminals today are launching attacks against businesses by copying sophisticated malware and techniques used to target governments

The Threat Landscape

Hardly a day goes by without the discovery of a new cyberthreat somewhere in the world! But how do you keep up with new malware and evolving cybercriminal tricks?

Management Insight Technologies - Converged Infrastructure Needs and Vendor Performance

Understanding evolving needs of IT infrastructure decision-makers from enterprise organizations in the converged infrastructure market and how CI vendors are meeting those needs.

Moving Media Content Workflows into the Cloud

Learn how Akamai's Sola Media portfolio simplifies this challenge and accelerates the process of engaging audiences with content so you don't have to invest in additional in-house infrastructure or online video expertise.

Application Rationalization Scorecard: Analysis to Action

This paper details a proven method, used most recently to evaluate a financial services application portfolio. At the method's core is the scorecard. The scorecard provides a framework for grading applications along business and technical dimensions.

UC Business Process Applications

Get started connecting people, processes and information with AVST. Learn More>>

The State of Advanced Persistent Threats

This Ponemon Institute study examines how enterprises are responding to advanced targeted malware attacks that can lead to IT downtime, exfiltration of sensitive information, theft of intellectual property, and diminished brand or reputation.

Stepping Up the Battle Against Advanced Threats

Attackers continuously develop sophisticated tactics and evasion techniques to bypass the latest protection methods, requiring the security industry to find a different approach to malware protection.

Axeda Platform Technical Overview

This paper summarizes the major features of an IoT platform and explains how they simplify and speed the process of developing and deploying IoT/M2M solutions while minimizing infrastructure and development costs.

Quantifying the Return on Investment: The Business Case for Machine-to-Machine Initiatives

This paper uses real-world customer results and a set of key metrics to help executives and managers understand the return they should expect when investing in M2M.

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