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Defining Domestic Sourcing's True Value Proposition

Collaborative looks at how and why the onshore model has re-emerged as a solution-of-choice for many IT organizations. Today the advantages include lower costs, less travel, and the security and continuity provided by a more stable workforce.

The Onshoring of IT Services

Changing economic factors and the emergence of formerly hidden problems with offshoring have led Gartner to look at compelling alternatives, notably domestic rural sourcing.

Why Today's Software Development Projects Fail

By establishing more accountability for quality with developers, organizations are able to improve their software quality outcomes in more effective ways than traditional software QA approaches.

Are You Prepared for a Software Audit?

Just the word "audit" is enough to make anyone shiver, and when it comes to a software audit, the reaction is no different. A software publisher can exercise its rights to conduct a software audit to check that a customer is using its products

Why Partner With a SAM Provider?

As IT infrastructures evolve, the complexity of software assets is constantly increasing, creating headaches for IT pros whose responsibility it is to keep track of it all. In response, many are turning to software asset management (SAM) software.

Is it Time for a Network Makeover?

As new and more demanding applications make infrastructure upgrades a necessity, here's how to get the most out of your modernization efforts.

Building Your Network Management Toolset

Network Management is one of things that is sometimes overlooked make sure you don't. Find out how to take advantage of it and help you control and manage your network.

It's who you know: CDW + Riverbed WAN Optimization

That's why we partner with industry leaders like Riverbed. Their WAN optimization solutions help prevent network traffic jams caused by new trends like cloud computing, virtualization, remote networking and bandwidth-heavy applications.

Network Infrastructure - Nothing But Net

The Houston Rockets bolster the network infrastructure at the Toyota Center for the 2013 NBA All-Star Game -- and beyond.

Achieve an astounding return on investment with Toad™ for Oracle®

Download the whitepaper today and learn how Dell Toad™ can lead your company to big savings and big returns.

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