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Consolidate Storage Infrastructure

Learn how to find ways to cope with an expanding storage infrastructure, as well as provide continuous access to data stored on reliable and secure media, meet stringent compliance regulations and create operational efficiency while simultaneously cutting costs.

Smarter System Development

A systems engineering trade study to support green initiatives with model-driven development.

Delivering smarter, better products faster---with reduced cost and risk

Producing smarter products and systems can be challenging. IBM offers a comprehensive solution that can help you improve the quality of your systems while helping reduce your cost and risk.

Smarter Products: The Building Blocks for a Smarter Planet

As a way to differentiate their offerings and optimize business returns, manufacturers across all industries are delivering a new generation of “smarter products".

The Evolving Role of Disk and Tape in the Data Center

Learn about best practices in backup and archive for today's energy and cost conscious data center including performance, data protection and TCO.

Increasing Data Center Energy Efficiency with IBM & Intel Servers

Increasing Data Center Energy Efficiency with IBM & Intel Servers

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