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Strategies for Leveraging Leading Application Server Technologies Alongside Open Source

This white paper describes how Sun's GlassFish Portfolio lets an organization have best of both worlds and is a perfect solution to implement a dual server strategy within an organization.

A Guide to Cost Savings with the Sun GlassFish Portfolio

This white paper describes the Sun GlassFish Portfolio can help organizations to create cost-effective services solutions.

Data Center Survival Guide

Today's data center has become very complex and hard to manage. This drives up costs, power and cooling requirements and provisioning time. It also makes the entire network inefficient, difficult to scale and vulnerable to security breaches. The Juniper Data Center Survival Guide shows IT professionals how to survive in this increasingly complicated environment. It explains how to simplify your infrastructure and network management now with Juniper Networks®.

SiliconFS - The BlueArc Filesystem

The BlueArc Filesystem, SiliconFS, is the engine which drives the entire architectural platform forward.

Oracle Real Application Clusters 11g Release 2

This white paper provides a technical overview of Oracle Real Application Clusters 11g Release 2 with an emphasis on the features and functionality that can be implemented to provide the highest availability and scalability for your enterprise applications.

Oracle Database 11g Product Family

Read this white paper to get an overview of the Oracle Database family of products and learn how you can transform your business, budgets, and service levels with Oracle Database 11g Release 2.

Lower IT Costs with Oracle Database 11g Release 2

Learn how you can transform your business, budgets, and service levels with Oracle Database 11g Release 2.

Using Open-Source SOA in an Enterprise Deployment

This paper provides a brief overview of the benefits of open source and the business drivers behind its market momentum. The paper also describes Sun's modular, open-source approach to an SOA.

Enabling Agile and Intelligent Businesses

Oracle SOA Suite 11g is a significant step forward toward empowering enterprises across the chasm to the next generation business applications that is powered by a platform delivering rapid composition, comprehensive lifecycle management, customizability, and easy upgrades.

SOA Maturity Model: Guiding and Accelerating SOA Success

This paper outlines the Oracle SOA Maturity Model and explains how the model is used to accelerate SOA adoption by identifying specific capabilities that are either completely lacking or which are lagging with respect to the other capabilities necessary for successful SOA adoption.

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