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Gartner Report: Adopt These Six Traits of Highly Effective Web API Programs for Business Advantage

Enterprises are in the early days of leveraging Web APIs to create business advantage. We identify the best practices development managers employ to drive their organizations to Web API leadership.

Health Insurance Association Launches a Security & Integration Cloud Services Brokerage

Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA) needed to integrate member organizations with a 3rd party partner to avoid having each participating organization develop its own custom interface with the partner.

APIs Enable Nutritional Powerhouse

Learn how a young and vibrant startup, FoodEssentials has been able to perform on par with big-name enterprises in the health space via a solid API platform, marketing its API as a product, and effective developer engagement.

APIs Drive Opportunity Explosion

Learn how leading UK retailer, Argos, increased sales by via mobile apps by 125% by leveraging a robust API management platform.

Delight & Engage Customers with Mobile APIs

Read this success story and learn how a robust API an d secure API Management powered Keep's iOS app to become one of the most popular apps in the Lifestyle category in the iTunes App Store.

Preparing Your Infrastructure for the Hyperconvergence Era

From cloud computing and virtualization to mobility and unified communications, an array of innovative technologies is transforming today's data centers.

Automatic and Continuous Workload Rightsizing

It's easy to fix performance issues by adding resources to a VM, but even easier to over-provision in the process. Increasing VM density and total datacenter efficiency need not be accompanied by performance degradation.

VMTurbo as a Cloud Control Plane

This whitepaper outlines the need for "Software-Driven Control" - the intelligence or "control plane" that can take advantage of these new software-defined capabilities.

Cut Data Center Costs Like AWS

Virtualization enabled organizations to dramatically reduce the cost of delivering compute services through the consolidation of hardware and data center facilities.

Aligning Virtualization and Storage Management

Managing storage resource contention is a daunting challenge impacting application performance. Over-provisioning storage platforms with I/O and disk capacity is a common approach, but also a tradeoff.

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