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Cutting Complexity - Simplifying Security

This white paper looks at how the latest IT Systems Management solutions can simplify and automate a vast range of routine IT management tasks.

Your Data under Siege: Defeating the Enemy of Complexity

Even if you have adequate antivirus protection, are there still holes in your IT security armor? Is lack of bandwidth to manage the growing list of threats, endpoints, and security systems making your organization vulnerable?

Build Your IT Security Business Case

In this latest whitepaper from Kaspersky Lab, you'll find useful facts, examples and business case arguments to help you get buy-in and commitment from your business.

Surviving the Business Equivalent of the Zombie Apocalypse

More than 43% of businesses that close following a natural disaster never reopen, and an additional 29% of businesses close down permanently within two years of the event.

When Disaster Tests Your Business, Cloud Communications Can Save It

Find out why the survivors of Hurricane Sandy and other recent calamities say they wish they'd had cloud-based business VoIP communications, rather than "the vulnerability and limitations of the premises-based communications we had in place."

Storage eGuide

In this eGuide, InfoWorld along with sister publications Techworld, IT World, and IDG News Service offer advice, opinions, and information about new approaches to backing up data and how to choose the right backup solutions for your environment.

Top Storage Capabilities Needed In 2014 to Reduce Risk and Maximize Performance

HP commissioned Forrester Consulting in October 2013 to leverage existing Forrsights data and to survey IT hardware decision-makers in North America and Europe about their storage requirements for this Technology Adoption Profile.

HP StoreOnce Extends its Industry Leadership in Deduplication 2.0

In this competitive whitepaper, Edison Group provides an independent, third-party perspective and evaluation of HP's new B6200 StoreOnce Backup System versus EMC Data Domain.

Addressing the Broken State of Backup with a New Category of Disk-Based Backup Solutions

Today, IT organizations are faced with a number of challenges when managing backup processes, including the need for faster backup, restore, tape copy, and recovery times.

Get SSD-class performance without SSDs - ESG brief

A few mouse clicks, no reboots, no downtime, practically no risk, and 30 minutes to faster storage. Infinio Is aiming a software solution at a hardware problem.

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