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The Top 10 Things DBAs Should Know About Toad for IBM DB2

Toad for IBM DB2 is a powerful tool for the database administrator. But it's some of its newer and lesser known features that provide the great productivity benefits in the DBA's day-to-day work. Do you know the top 10 features of Toad for IBM DB2?

Future-proofing the network

Network managers hear it in their sleep: Applications are a critical concern. Are they fast? Secure? Available and accessible? At the heart of this concern is the user experience, and by extension, user productivity.

Energy Efficient Servers

Supermicro at Work. View Now>>

Don't Trust Your Data Center to Generic Memory

Discover How LRDIMMs Break Through Density and Speed Limitations

Insist on High Quality, Server-Grade Memory

Not All Memory is Created Equal - Make Sure Yours Passes Rigorous Margin and Stress Testing

Onboarding New Employees

Read this paper to understand the difference between training and socialization in employee onboarding.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching Your DG Program

From failing to define data governance, to premature launch, or expecting too much from a sponsor, this white paper explains ten common mistakes that can be avoided when launching your data governance program. Read this white paper to learn more.

A Non-Geek's Big Data Playbook

A visual playbook for the non-geek yet technically savvy business professional who is still trying to understand how big data impacts the enterprise data game we've all been playing for years.

IDC Report: Optimize IT and Business Gains

This IDC Whitepaper outlines how CIOs can understand what the "total cost of data" is across their entire organization and how Delphix can assist them in managing the data that drives the business forward.

Delivering Application Data On-Demand

Packaged app dev teams frequently operate with limited testing environments due to various constraints. By virtualizing the entire application stack, Delphix-powered teams can deliver business results faster, at higher quality, & with lower risk.

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